The reason Juan is in Antarctica — Interviewed by Shemane (Mrs. Ted) Nugent

Why is Iran now claiming to have a part of Antarctica? In our view it is to let the world know that they (Iran) know what is going on down there in Antarctica! Why John Kerry, Newt Gingrich, Barack Obama, and other elitists have gone down there in recent years.

Here is the link to this snippet that is only 10:33 long.

Juan O Savin Presentations’ description of this snippet:

QUOTE: Short piece done on the 15th was just posted today. Juan clearly states WHY HE TRAVELED to ANTARCTICA because the Persons involved with the information and corruption of the 2020 election and many other Countries (foreign involvement) have been there recently. Listen Closely. Shemane Nugent is Ted Nugent’s Wife. HOST of FAITH AND FREEDOM and the whole show is here:



February 21, 2024

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