The main show is coming—Juan O Savin

We had not heard or seen any brand new interviews of Juan O Savin in some time. No wonder; he’s been in Argentina. Wonder what he’s doing down there? Perhaps consulting with the newly-elected president of Argentina, Javier Milei?

Regardless, we are glad to hear the latest insights/teachings from Juan. Too bad Nino is still living up to his nickname: Nino = little boy. I seldom spend time reading any of the comments section of other platforms (I do try to keep up and read all of them posted on our own Mighty Network), but I must say I agree with almost all the commenters on the first page on this platform.

I just heard part two last night, and it is worth hearing also. We’ll probably post it tomorrow because of its timeliness—the trial (persecution) of Tina Peters begins in Colorado tomorrow.

All Americans who love our nation ought to be aware of what she did regarding voter fraud and why she is facing life in prison (per Juan) for her goodness!

Here is a much abbreviated excerpt from the introduction by the re-poster of this interview.

QUOTE: Juan is moving forward. Nino keeps dragging him back. This show was so difficult I decided to Edit the Visual with some of my Telegram page and used many clips and shows from there O SAVIN107 where you can find all of the shows I put up that Juan has done. [The above photo being one of the clips from his Telegram page. Juan explains the semaphore code of the dress on the left in part two—which we’ll have for you tomorrow.]

Tina Peters is an amazing woman and is on Juan’s mind constantly as her trial is starting in another week and may put her in Jail for life. Her film the (S)election Code explains the horrid situation.

Where Juan is sitting is at the foot of a clock tower called Torre Monumental (“Monumental Tower”) in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

The movie he references is: END QUOTE

This first half runs about 44 minutes. Here is the link.


February 5, 2024

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