Uncensored—The National Security State & the Inversion of Democracy

Our Mighty Network blogging platform does not allow content producers (me) to do a scratch-through” of the text in a headline. If the MN formatting parameters did allow it, we would have headlined it thus: … & the Inversion of Democracy our Republic.”

Most of our regular readers understand why we hammer on correcting the word democracy.” It’s as simple as this: Whoever controls the language wins. The antichrists of the cabal are well aware of this maxim and employ it constantly in everything they do as they go about trying to destroy God’s creation (and His creatures—us).

This interview by Tucker Carlson of a gentleman named Michael Benz starts out (pick your metaphor) at 90 mph / at the red hot level, but only goes faster / gets hotter from there! I had never heard of Michael Benz, but this man is a walking encyclopedia of data concerning the deep state and beyond.

We consider ourselves to be extensively red-pilled and well-informed on almost all aspects of the international criminal cabal, but there was much in this interview that we had not known previously. Even Tucker expresses his shock and amazement on several occasions and appears to be on overload.”

(Non-clickable screen grab)

Nino, buddy, take note! This is how to conduct an interview with someone who knows what they’re talking about. Even so, Tucker does politely ask Mr. Benz to pause a moment so that Tucker (and we) can be sure we are following Mike’s fusillade of data exposing the wiles of the devil(s).”

In Ephesians 6 we find the only time the word wiles” is used in the New Testament.

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

It comes from the Greek word methodeia and means cunning arts, deceit, craft, trickery.

We did not make bullet points. The information was coming so rapidly that it would have entailed another hour to pause every minute and make notes. Tucker’s timetable points are helpful, but do not even begin to reveal how in depth Mike’s information is. Here is Tucker’s synopsis.

QUOTE: The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. What I’m describing is military rule,” says Mike Benz. It’s the inversion of democracy.”

[Please, fellow liberty lovers, understand the critical differences between a democracy (mob rule) and a republic (representative government where individual rights are protected—but only so long as the people keep themselves informed and remain vigilant!)

We are at an existential time in the history of our republic. That is to say, our very existence—and certainly our existence as a free people is in dire danger.]


00:02:59 From internet freedom to internet censorship

00:17:12 Social media eclipses the legacy media

00:23:08 The Global Engagement Center

00:31:08 The 2020 election and Covid pandemic

00:45:29 The impeachment of Donald Trump

00:51:32 Intel agencies work with the mainstream media

00:58:48 Elon Musk and X


Here is the link to Tucker’s interview of Mike Benz.


March 26, 2024

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