With an Eye on the News… and Fani Willis

In an interview clip shown on one of the Newsmax shows yesterday (can’t recall which one) we see Fulton County (Atlanta area) District Attorney Fani Willis showing no contrition, remorse, confession, etc. of her recent actions vis a vis the get Trump” case under her purview.

This is what Leftist communists do when exposed. They double down. Without having the direct quotes in front of me, she essentially was saying, So what if I hired my lover boy for almost three-quarters of a million dollars to be the lead prosecutor of Trump. I am not ashamed. So what if we took trips together. I will do as I please.

As we said, her pride and unwillingness to admit to any wrongdoing whatsoever is what we can expect from her ilk—the Leftists who hate America.

(U.S. Representative Nikema Williams and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in February 2024. Photo in public domain from the Office of Congresswoman Nikema Williams)

Recall also that in the midst of her court appearances, she appeared in the pulpit of a local Atlanta church to play the race card and garner sympathy from the black folks whose minds are still under the sway of the race-baiters like her.

The job of the race-baiters, as many black conservatives have expressed it, is to keep the ordinary black voters still back on the mental plantation which is owned and operated” by the Dems and assorted collectivists via the welfare and other goodies obtained by subservience to and continued votes for the Leftists.

This is not us saying that, but we cheered as we heard black conservative Larry Elder opine such insights.

Our disappointment was not Larry, however, but another of the Newsmax pundits who piled on in condemnation of DA Willis for all her unethical and illegal activities.

After watching him and many other conservative pundits blather on, night after night, about Fani’s arrogance and doubling down, we kept waiting for one of them to point out the most obvious of them all. Which is…

She has basically admitted to committing adultery! And no one says a word about that, wonder why? What do our Mighty Network readers think might be the reason? Please comment. I will withhold my own for a few days to allow you to chime in.


March 27, 2024

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