RFKs Weird Choice for a Running Mate

Keep working locally, but grab your popcorn as we continue watching the show”

Eric Bolling on his Newsmax show, The Balance, on this past Wednesday evening spoke about RFK, Jr.’s pick for VP. Thirty-eight-year-old Nicole Shanahan checks a lot of boxes if you are trying to appeal to the far Left, the Marxists, communists and other assorted collectivists.

First, she is a woman. Not only that, but she is an Asian-American, so that checks another box. Wikipedia says her father was an American of German and Irish ancestry while her mother was born in China. How about that: a Kennedy-Shanahan ticket; Irish-Irish. But it means very little. More important are their works.

She was married to Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google from 2018 to 2023. Big Tech link—check another box. She gave (indirectly through a PAC) almost $5 million to finance a Super Bowl ad for Kennedy this past February. Check a big box there!

There is much more of interest in her very Leftist background even from Wikipedia (always read with your spiritual radar in full operation on that site).

Bolling (who, in giving a monologue about the current Israeli-Hamas conflict some months ago, mentioned that his wife is Jewish) had the ultra-liberal, Cleveland, Ohio area, former Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich as a guest.

Kucinich, who was the earlier campaign chairman for RFK, Jr. and is now running as an independent himself, casually remarked that RFK, Jr. is a Constitutional Conservative like myself.”

Are you kidding me?! No, the Leftists lie with a straight face and expect gullible viewers/readers to believe it. That is what the socialist Dems do; lies roll off their lips like water over Niagara Falls.

While RFK, Jr. was on the right (correct) side as far as the vaxxes for Covid were concerned—championing individual rights to make our own healthcare choices—he has stated numerous times that he is not anti-vax.

Other than that single libertarian position, RFK, Jr. is not a conservative at all, not even close. He is as liberal as they come. …unless he is playing a role.

We have been observing his rise on the national stage (easy to rise if you’re a Kennedy) with more than usual interest. That is because of his touching his nose. Remember that?

As he rolled out his independent campaign, we paid especially close attention to see if he were planning to act as a political spoiler for Trump or Bitin’.

Remember the independent” candidates in the past century and longer, who had a spoiler” effect? Teddy Roosevelt, John Anderson in 1980, the weird campaign of Ross Perot in 1992. We have explained the weirdness in one of our lectures—most likely it was in the Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom series.

RFK, Jr. has received plenty of publicity concerning his being snubbed by almost all the Kennedy clan. With this pick of a far Leftist for his running mate, we are further persuaded that our tentative conclusions about him are close to the mark. However, we could be wrong, and we’re keeping an open mind. Only time will tell.

In looking for other stories the past few days, we came across this blog which echoes our own thinking. If we had the time, this is close to what we would have written, so we present it to you for your consideration. We do have a few differences of opinion and we have noted one of them in brackets.

All emphases and comments within [brackets] are mine. QUOTE:

VERY SMART INDEED!!! Three Reasons Why Kennedy Made Such A Disastrous VP Pick…..

…to help Trump win 2024.

[This comes from State of the Nation, and we linked it here.]

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst — SOTN Exclusive

There are certainly more, but there are obviously 3 reasons why RFK, Jr. would forever destroy his POTUS campaign.

#1 — To totally torpedo Biden’s re-election prospects

#2 — To completely destroy his own candidacy

#3 — To ensure a Trump victory

Kennedy is not stupid, as we all know… … …especially from his Covid vaccine work.

Kennedy is courageous, as we all see by his brave attacks on the C.I.A. for killing his father and uncle.

Kennedy means business, as is evident by his frontal assaults on the Military Industrial Complex, America’s Forever Wars, and the National Security State.

RFK, Jr. is also a Kennedy, which means he’s got that self-sacrificial streak in him.

Which means he knows he has no chance in winning the 2024 POTUS race, so why not take down the Democrat war machine that he has come to despise…just as his own family has come to despise him.

There is no question that Kennedy has much more in common with Trump than he does with Biden, YES?!

He is also acutely aware that the communist-run Democrat Party is determined to collapse the American Republic.

Anyone who has read the various bios of his grandfather — Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. — knows that he was the quintessential examplar [sic] of the American Dream, a real uber capitalist.

[Not at all! We disagree completely. Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. was a scoundrel, womanizer, and more. He built the Kennedy fortune by his connections with the mob, especially during Prohibition.

We have expounded on that in detail in an entire lecture in our Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom series. CD #633, Lecture # Lecture 44 in the series, Lecture Title: The Kennedys, the Mafia and Prohibition: Edom’s Supremacy in America, part 4.

Nonetheless, as we found in the history of the kings of Judah and Israel, sometimes very good men can arise from very wicked and evil fathers. Thus JFK, Jr. (now known by another name) and RFK, Jr. could possibly be good men from an evil grandfather.]

Truly, Senior was the American Dream personified of whom RFK Jr has taken after in various ways (just take a look at his many business and personal enterprises).

And, Kennedy knows that if the DEMs steal the POTUS again, and also steal the House and the Senate which they are working very diligently to do, his own dream is over—FOREVER!

As much as any high-profile Democrat, his whole life is over. Cause the Democrat bolsheviks will string him up from the tallest tree in the land the very moment they press the button on their long-planned: AMERICAN BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION — CASE CLOSED


Here’s another angle by The Gateway Pundit’s Patty McMurray in her piece headlined: RFK Jr. Announces His Pick For VP — Did He Just Hand Trump The Presidency?” Linked here.


March 29, 2024

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