Does the Eclipse to Occur on Monday, April 8th, Have Prophetic Significance?

We have received forwards/links and tips from a host of our readers about various people’s understanding of the spiritual significance of the eclipse to cross the USA on Monday. Additionally, the Comet called Pons-Brooks” will be in play.”

(*S**creen grab from Pastor Steve’s presentation*.)

Frankly, we have been so busy in the past two weeks—more so than usual, as we have strived to get our federal and state tax returns done—that we could not afford the time to view more than a couple of them.

As I could see the end in sight for getting my taxes in the mail today, I took a short time late last night to view this one that looked especially interesting. We give a tip of the hat to one of our correspondents in Georgia who alerted us to this one. And thanks to everyone who sends us grist for the hopper” from time to time.

We would like to have paused and made a plethora of comments, notes, and bullet points—it was quite intriguing—but alas, Uncle Sam was still pressing on my mind—and yes, we did get the returns out in the mail today. So there is no time now to make extensive comments. We simply encourage everyone to watch this.

This minister, Steve Cioccolanti, is getting close to understanding many of the things which you and we have been blessed to know for a long time.

(Pastor Steve Cioccolanti)

Things such as signs in the heavens,” (star signs of the zodiac, but not astrology), the importance of numbers, and the Hebrew alphabet—especially the jubilee numbers. However, he apparently does not understand the jubilee cycles in terms of 49 years. He also discusses the words of our Savior about the sign of Jonah.

We don’t know where he got the meaning of pons,” but it comes from Latin and means a bridge,” not the way,” as he claims. Nonetheless, bridge” works also because Jesus is the bridge over troubled waters.”

(Screen grab)

Furthermore, as you see in this screen grab, he is getting warmer, but he still does not recognize true Israel and, like most Christians, does not understand the difference between ancient and especially modern true Israel in contrast to the Jews.

Troubled waters symbolize the turbulence of nations, which we have discussed in our teachings on the parables of the kingdom.

This is only about 23 minutes long and well worth a look. Here is the link.


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