Will the U.S. Presidential Election Actually Occur on Time? A Juan O Savin Dialogue

Mel Carmine on the mainland interviews Juan O Savin and Tina Peters as they are sitting at the shore in Hawaii. Here are a few short excerpts which we assume are penned by whoever operates Juan O Savin Presentations.”

(Juan O Savin’s boots and Tina Peters shoreside in Hawaii)

They have clipped the full presentation (which we have not heard) to these shorter parts 1 and 2. Our bullet points follow. All emphases and comments within [brackets] are ours.

QUOTE: Are the Money/Digital Fiat Currencies going to get resolved? Is the Election on Time? Are Cripto [sic] currencies actually going to have RULES set for the internet sales? Nope says Juan… The Quantum Financial System [QFS] is coming, XRP and XLM - digital assets are here to stay whether you like it or not. The XRPQFS Manual is intended for the new user who knows nothing about Nesara - Gesara, XRP and digital assets. Please visit our website for more information: http://www.qfs1776.com END QUOTE

We (SKM, JWB) do not buy in to the whole QFS, etc. for several reasons. We share only the primary reason here. It is that we do not see any way to maintain personal financial privacy under such a system.

We do not necessarily believe that it was white hats who constructed it, and as such, we’re from Missouri, so show me.” We would not be at all surprised to ultimately learn that it was/is another DARPA operation.

In either case, can any one of us actually prove that whom we are told (on some website) that so-and-so are the creators of the QFS is the truth? We have no way of knowing.

The writer of the above program description, and Mel Carmine, apparently disagree with Juan’s take on the Nesara-Gesara global reset. Our own understanding on that issue has evolved in the past 15 years.

It seems like a no-brainer” to us that as long as the central bankers control the global monetary system, the RV simply is not going to happen.

There is a silver lining, however. If Trump and the white hats are successful in routing out the den of vipers, then America and the world will be blessed with a godly, or at least a more godly, economic system, as we wend our way into the Kingdom of heaven upon the earth.

That alone will be better for everyone as Mystery Babylon and their ungodly financial system will be dust in the wind. Americans will prosper as never before!

And then we can assist the rest of the world (all the families of the earth, to put it in God’s covenant language) to come under the reign of King Jesus and His overcomer-saints Body.

Here are a few of my notes on the discussion between Carmine and Juan.

  • An NFL-Super Bowl analogy regarding the dinar and central bankers
  • Regarding BRICS, 107 has predicted to many audiences that the next wave of financial crises starts in Brazil which is connected closely to Japan
  • What was the time in D. C. when the shots in Dallas took out JFK? 1:29 — which is a very critical number, per Mr. 107. What time was it when the Francis Scott Key bridge collapsed? It was struck at 1:28 but it went down at 1:29.
  • 107 introduces and speaks about Tina Peters and her patriotic actions as County Clerk in Mesa County, Colorado (the Grand Junction area) catching the Dominion voting machines controllers in the act of committing election fraud.
  • …and how her case is central to proving the fraud in the 2020 election, and how we must go back to paper ballots, voter ID, no machines, one day voting, etc.
  • According to Juan, we’re only a few percent into the wave of proofs that are coming regarding the fraudulent election.
  • Mel Carmine seems naïve in regard to the monetary/financial system. He does not seem to hear what Juan is saying when Carmine asks, So are we going to be using the blockchain in the November election?”

Here is the link to part one which runs 37 minutes.

Part Two is headlined, QUOTE:

JUAN O SAVIN—TRUMP for the WIN! Bankruptcy of America?

This is very lively. The truth has to be based on CONTRACT LAW and JUSTICE. [Correction: The truth has to be based on God’s law, period, end of debate.] Juan has said this before. GESARA/NESARA is bull shit. Sorry folks. Just not going to happen.

But.. the real reason we will be going through this pain is the Commander in Chief has a PLAN. It is a brilliant plan.. just like the TWO PRESIDENTS only one person could have created this.. SAYS the LORD.

Only I could have been the ONE! [It is unclear to me (JWB) what he is talking about here.] Trump will win this.. the MONEY situation will take YEARS to get back what we have lost. The IDEAL is that we would be paid back but with WHAT?

That is what a FULL BANKRUPTCY is for.. to figure out how the COUNTRY that owes 38 TRILLION could ever consider EVER paying back anything.

Debts will be paid off TO THE PEOPLE. NOT to the CORPORATIONS that will NO LONGER EXIST! Brilliant… Juan does explain a bit of this but many details are to come.. stay tuned. END QUOTE


My comments:

  • Remember, says Juan, crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, all started as a DARPA operation, just like Facebook.
  • Juan calls the cabal the Brits out of the City of London,” which seems like code to me. Along with the Brits,” 107 also includes the WEF, Davos, etc.

Here is the link to part two. It runs 41:59.


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