Have we talked about this weird coincidence?”

In the past week or so, the media suddenly learned (and told us all immediately) that Barron Trump had been selected to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

Within a day or two, we would guess that it was his parents who persuaded” the young man to change his mind about being a delegate.

Today, the family is celebrating Barron Trump’s 18th birthday and his high school graduation from Oxford Academy in West Palm Beach.

The conflicted” New York judge presiding over DJTs Stormy” trial finally relented and allowed the trial to be put on hold today so that the proud dad could be in attendance for the big day for his son.

But we use this occasion to ask our readers if you are aware of the strange coincidence about their (allegedly) brilliant son—and we have no reason to doubt his intelligence if he is anything like both his parents.

Our question is: Did Donald and Melania name their son after the eponymous protagonist in this series of stories which were popular over a century ago? The Baron Trump Adventure series.

Here is more information which we came across ca. 2016. Put this coincidence” together with Donald’s famous uncle and his uncle’s connection with the Tesla papers, and we have a most intriguing mystery.

Here is some background taken from the Barnes & Noble website.

QUOTE: This collection unites Ingersoll Lockwood’s classic Baron Trump adventure stories in one volume.

Filled with exotic flights of fancy, the Baron Trump tales feature the titular character - a wealthy boy who lives in Trump Castle. His actual name is Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, but for the sake of simplicity he chooses to go by his title of Baron Trump.

The young fellow embarks on time travelling adventures through human history. Through his travels, he meets societies of people and tribes from long ago, picking up aspects of their language and social customs. Accompanied by his faithful and protective companion hound Bulger, the young Baron navigates a variety of adventures and surmounts many obstacles.

The final book in this volume discusses the rise of a US President and has been variously described as either coincidental or prescient of aspects of the 21st century political climate. Set in an America torn by division and dissent, there are references to a hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York, and an election of an outsider candidate ensuing in a chaotic atmosphere.

Ingersoll Lockwood was an author of many children’s books and short stories. A veteran of the U.S. consular service, he began writing in the 1870s and attained fame and appreciation for his efforts. END QUOTE

And further descriptions from Amazon.com

QUOTE: The Complete Baron Trump Adventure Collection: A Journey into Mystical Adventures

Dive into the enchanting world of young Baron Trump with this captivating collection of classic tales by Ingersoll Lockwood. From secret societies to time travel and unexpected twists, these books will transport readers on thrilling adventures that will leave you spellbound.

Explore Intriguing Mysteries: Join Baron Trump, a brilliant young adventurer, as he unravels mysteries that span continents and centuries. From forgotten manuscripts to hidden treasures, every page is a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Unlock the Secrets of Time: Venture into the unknown with Baron Trump as he discovers the secrets of time travel. These books will keep you on the edge of your seat as he embarks on journeys through time and space, encountering historical figures and unforeseen dangers.

Unearth Ancient Secrets: Baron Trump’s insatiable curiosity leads him to uncover ancient secrets that could change the course of history. From lost civilizations to mystical artifacts, these books are a treasure trove of intrigue and discovery.

Experience Epic Adventures: From the bustling streets of New York City to the far reaches of uncharted lands, Baron Trump’s adventures take readers on a whirlwind tour of excitement and wonder.

A Timeless Collection: Ingersoll Lockwood’s Baron Trump books have captivated readers for generations with their timeless tales of adventure, mystery, and exploration. This collection brings together all the beloved stories for readers old and new to enjoy.

Whether you’re a fan of classic literature, historical mysteries, or thrilling adventures, the Baron Trump collection is a must-read. Step into the shoes of a young adventurer and embark on a journey like no other. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary literary experience—add the Baron Trump collection to your library today and immerse yourself in a world of wonder, intrigue, and discovery! END QUOTE

We have more coincidences” to add to the mystery, but we shall stop there and present more at a later date, Lord willing.

Enjoy the weekend!


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