495,000 Sealed Indictments—Wa-a-a-ay more than normal!

Remember, as Q often said, you’re watching a show,” and Juan O Savin (Mr. 107) confirms it by sometimes telling listeners to get your popcorn ready.”

We have often heard Juan warning Americans to get ready for a rough ride, characterizing it as we’ve got a gut punch coming,” and even more serious, America is going to go through a near-death experience,” similar to the Cuban missile crisis in the JFK administration.

Just after the guilty verdicts on 34 counts were returned by the ignorant or get Trump” jurors—either way, it’s the same result. On Eric Bolling’s The Balance” show on Newsmax on May 30, 2024, former NY Congressman, Lee Zeldin, in an interview said that this is like a gut punch to all of us.”

Was this the gut punch” Mr. 107 was referring to? We doubt it.

The Deep State/cabal know they’re toast; but they will never give up, and thus, it is this writer’s opinion that we would not be at all surprised to see Colombian-born Judge Juan Merchan in Manhattan actually throw President Trump into the notoriously horrible Rikers Island prison on July 11th, just four days before the Republican National Convention will formally nominate DJT at the Milwaukee event.

If that were to happen, that would be much more of a gut punch” than this wholly false, fake, and phony 34-count guilty verdict. Even more important than ever would be our need to help our fellow citizens who are just waking up to keep calm, stay out of the streets, and do not participate in any demonstrations, etc.

Any supposed MAGA demonstrations will undoubtedly be thoroughly riddled with Leftists posing as MAGA supporters. The Left gets away with demonstrations; we will not. They (the cabal-controlled government / Mystery Babylon) will not redress our grievances. They WANT a civil war among us—divide and conquer—they will call out the military to suppress the insurrection.”

No, we must be patient. The podcast linked below confirms this. This show is related to the time (we would estimate it will be within the next 12 months, but we could be wrong) when the white hats in the military will begin the military tribunals, and all will be revealed.

Well, not all; some things will never be revealed—for the sake of unifying the nation and to prevent unnecessary violence.

This podcast from David Nino Rodriguez with Mike King & David. The run time is 17:17 (To whomever clipped it: Nice touch on the time there!) Here is the link.


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