German domestic intelligence is running hundreds of fake, right-wing extremist social media accounts

This article came across our desk yesterday. Background concerning the source appears at the end of the story. Of course, our readers will immediately see the reason for our reposting it with our criticism and commentary.

We can see that what is here reported as happening in Germany also appears to be right out of the playbook of our” FBI and other law enforcement” and intelligence TLAs (three-letter agencies).

We are also confident that we need not offer the following disclaimer for our regular readers, but for the sake of new readers, please note that we are not attempting to paint all employees of the TLAs with a broad brush of corruption.

We recognize that there are government servants (good guys, white hats) as well as black hats—evildoers, corrupt leaders, and some among the rank-and-file, of all the TLAs.

God always has his Daniels (and Danielles) within the Babylonian offices of government. We know that for a fact for we have had loved ones in the TLAs, who were no part of the wickedness now becoming manifest.

Here are some excerpts. All *emphases* and comments within [brackets] are by us.

QUOTE: by John Cody | September 20, 2022

Hundreds of the radical Nazis and right-wing extremists online are actually German domestic intelligence agents, and many of them may be responsible for inciting hatred” and even violence…

[Notice how the false right wing — left wing depiction of the political spectrum is followed without question, even from this European source. We will not take the time here to revisit that topic here. See the first several chapters of our blog series on Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom for a proper understanding of the left-right political spectrum.]

Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) argues that these accounts are needed to effectively monitor the extreme right, but critics say that they may also be promoting and actively encouraging radicalism, according to a report from German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

This is the future of information gathering,” an unnamed head of a relevant state office told Süddeutsche Zeitung.

According to research by the newspaper, the authority has invested heavily in virtual agents” since 2019, which it finances with taxpayers’ money. Both the federal office and the federal states employ spies, who besides right-wing extremists, are also tasked with keeping an eye on left-wing extremists, Islamists, and the conspiracy-ideological” scene.

However, the activities of the BfV running hundreds of right-wing extremist accounts have come to light at the same time that Germany’s left-wing government has labeled right-wing extremism the biggest threat to the country, despite data showing that left-wing extremists and radical Islam pose bigger threats.

[Does that not parallel what is now revealed about our” Department of Justice under Attorney General Merrick Garland? Labeling parents who want to speak out at their local school boards as radical (right wing) extremists who are a threat to our democracy!”

(Official photo of AG Merrick Garland.)

Thank God, that Garland did not get approved by the Senate to fill a seat on the Supreme Court, as U. S. Corp. President Obama had hoped!

In fact, we believe that almost all supposed white supremacist, neo-Nazi, etc. groups are primarily TLA operations.]

The country’s interior minister, Nancy Faeser, has launched a 10-point plan to fight right-wing extremism,” and much like the Biden administration in the United States, has turned the domestic security state against political opponents as well as labeling them terrorism threats and a danger to democracy.

[When one understands the true definition of a democracy, that the Founding Fathers loathed it, and gave us a republic; then, sure those who are trying to destroy our republic will feel threatened by the God-fearing, liberty-loving Americans who want to preserve it. Sure, they will see such patriots as a threat to their democracy”—You’d better believe it!]

…With the BfV operating hundreds of right-wing extremist accounts, the agency argues that it is about playing a little right-wing radical yourself” in order to gain the trust of other users.

The employees of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution are likely to conduct propaganda” for this and sometimes also commit crimes such as incitement to hatred.”

[Remember the case of the mostly FBI radical right-wing extremists” in Michigan who were planning to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer? Turns out they were almost all agents of fedgov. Moreover, on the dark side, the more evil one does, the higher one climbs up the ladder. It is known as failing upward.”

Hence, the head of that FBI false flag op in Michigan was promoted to head the FBI office in D. C. just in time for the huge false flag operation known as the January 6th insurrection”. The real insurrection, of course, was the one that occurred on November 3, 2020, and in the days following, as the massive theft of the election played out.]

However, what exactly these extremist accounts are posting that involve incitement to hatred” is unclear, as there is little to no public oversight regarding these activities.

In order to be really credible, it is not enough to share or like what others say, you also have to make statements yourself. That means that the agents also bully and agitate,” says the report of an agent who claims to have joined the agency to do something against right-wing extremists.” This involves actively encouraging people in their worldview, but she says it is her job to feed” the scene.

In fact, there are now so many accounts operated by different German authorities that a nationwide agreement has become necessary. Otherwise, these different agents would be targeting each other with surveillance and monitoring.

Germany’s new government has taken an aggressive stance against anonymity on the web and free speech, and has targeted apps like Telegram, which is one of the few tech companies openly supporting free speech. Under a new regime, the German government is expected to open thousands of hate speech cases against the public every year. END QUOTE

We hope this will help motivate our readers to not only share this information, but to realize we MUST get involved locally. Inform yourself on the best candidates and help make the turnout at the polls on November 8th so large that the wicked will be unable to successfully cheat with fake ballots! Here is a link to the complete story.

NOTE: This story originated from Remix news. Remix offers news and commentary from Central Europe, the Visegrád countries of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

By providing in English a curated selection of what’s trending daily in the local media of the region, Remix offers a look at what Czechs, Hungarians, Poles and Slovaks are reading every day, and a window on a dynamic region that is shaping the course of Europe’s future. John Cody is the managing editor.


Posted Thursday, September 22, 2022

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