Communist Chinese spy balloon goes over my house near Asheville and neighboring Henderson County

…And it went over the homes of millions more of our countrymen last week also. A close friend of ours (and former next-door neighbor) sent me this photo from Twitter this past Saturday morning.

A good friend of his had taken the picture with the caption: Saying hi’ to the Chinese from Fletcher, NC.” (Fletcher is the town just south of Asheville and just over the county line in Henderson County.)

My friend told me that both Twitter and Facebook were lit up with hundreds of posts and photos of the balloon from other the social media users in Henderson County.

As the huge stratospheric balloon—about 200 feet high, according to reports—continued down over South Carolina, it was finally shot down off the SC coast by a USAF fighter jet out of Langley AFB, Virginia, using a single AIM-9X supersonic, heat-seeking, air-to-air missile at 2:39 p.m. Saturday.

When I was in the USAF during the height of the Cold War, my job was to maintain and repair AC&W radar sets. That’s Aircraft Control & Warning radar. The USA used to be ringed with radar sets on our borders as well as in the interior of the country.

During my last year in the AF, I was stationed at a remote and isolated AC&W site in Alaska. The Russkies” used to frequently probe our defense capabilities by seeing what it would take to get a reaction from us and how long it would take us to react.

As soon as our squadron would detect their bombers or fighter jets on our radar, our commander would immediately scramble our fighter jets which would intercept the Russian (usually) MIGs and prevent them from entering our airspace, including the chain of the Aleutian Islands.

News reports this past week tell us that this Chinese Communist military balloon—their claim it was civilian” is bogus on its face because anyone who is paying attention knows that all so-called private” or civilian” companies are extensions of the Communist Chinese military—began its our slow, meandering, surveillance trek over USA airspace the Saturday before, on January 28th.

It began somewhere over our Aleutian Islands and should have been shot down there and then. But our President and top military officers allowed the Red Chinese airborne spying apparatus to travel for a week over and near numerous military installations.

Many polite pundits in the so-called conservative” media, as well as the propagandists in the Babylonian Media, are calling Biden and company incompetent.”

But they all know it is nothing of the sort. It is just another glaring piece of evidence of how totally compromised this administration is—for it is not incompetence; it is treason.

Maria Bartiromo—one of the few remaining trustworthy sources on Fox—had former Secretary of State and former CIA Director Mike Pompeo as one of her guests on her Sunday Morning Futures show.

She informed him that Biden officials were claiming that such Chinese balloon incursions into our airspace had happened three times during the Trump Administration, and that the Trump administration had covered it up and done nothing. Was that true? she asked Pompeo.

He was emphatic and pointed to three facts which proved it to be another lie from Biden and company.

  1. If that had happened even once, the fake news” media would have run with it for weeks.

  2. Just as with this incident, if it had occurred, it would have been seen by millions of Americans and posted all over social media, but there was not one case of that during the Trump administration, and

  3. even former Defense Secretary, Mike Esper, no friend of Trump, also denied that it ever happened in the Trump administration.

This literal trial balloon” by the Red Chinese is a huge black eye for America. It showed how vulnerable we are under our treasonous leaders.” Who knows what was really on board that airship? Reports are that it could carry the equivalent to two commercial buses, thousands of pounds of payload.

Use your imagination. Certainly, the CCP military used theirs as they could have loaded it with all sorts of video and photo equipment at the very least. They could also have loaded it with chemical, electronic, and biological warfare agents and products to be dispersed over who-knows-where in our country.

Of course, live viruses would not survive in the frigid temperatures at the high altitude of the stratosphere, but who is to say that biological agents or other fragile weapons could not have been encapsulated in some material designed to disperse in nano particles at ground level.

To us, this seems to be another step towards what Juan O Savin has been warning for several years about what is coming—a near-death experience for America—similar to what we experienced in the Cuban missile crisis in October of 1962.

I was 13 years old, and it was indeed very scary as we were at the brink of a thermonuclear war for nearly two weeks. Readers can find a plethora of material online for those who were not old enough to remember it, or public schools did not teach you about it.

Likewise, regarding this very troubling incident of the past week, we shall leave it to our readers to peruse or merely skim the hundreds of news reports online.


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