Parents’ Bill of Rights—Don’t be deceived! It is a Trojan horse!

Some time ago, we heard the idea being floated in conservative circles that with all the nonsense and worse going on now in public schools, what we need is a parents’ Bill of Rights!”

Our first reaction was, What for? Parents already have all the rights in that arena, and they are given to parents by God. What is needed is for parents to once again assert the rights we already possess.”

But now, a Parents’ Bill of Rights is appearing in the U.S. Congress, and N. C. State Senators have introduced a Parents’ Bill of Rights (S.B. 49).

Yes, in our view, under God’s law, parents may get together and hire instructors/teachers for their children. In ancient Israel, the Levites handled some of the teaching duties.

Today, public education has gone way out of bounds because parents have generally ignored their responsibilities toward their hired hands,” the public educators. What they teach and how they teach is, and should always be under the direct control and supervision of the parents.

Gradually, over many generations going back at least to 1840 with Mr. Horace Mann, this control and supervision has been insidiously usurped by a professional class known as educators,” who have come to see their role as extending far beyond the strict boundaries which parents should have enforced upon them.

Not only does the law-Word of God give parents (not educators) the responsibility to raise and educate their children righteously (in accord with the Word of God), but the Founding Fathers knew this principle well. They enshrined it in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.

The fundamental principle of government comes down to this: Who inherently has rights, the people (individuals)? Or the government? Anyone who has the least familiarity with the Constitution knows that our Constitution was written to tell (enumerate to) the government which (relatively few) tasks it was delegated (by the people) to do.

Rights come from God, not from government! All rights come from God directly to the people. The people then delegate certain stipulated rights to government, whether local, state, or federal.

The Tenth Amendment in the Bill of Rights essentially decrees to the federal government, If we have not specifically given you the right to do such-and-such, then you cannot do it. Those rights are retained by the individual states, or to the people.”

And in this case, the right, duty, and responsibility of educating children belongs to the parents, not even to the individual states.

When one hears the bill’s title Parents’ Bill of Rights,” most of our under-educated citizens will immediately and probably subconsciously connect and be subtly influenced to equate that title with the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution.

It is very clever from a public relations and propaganda standpoint—but it is 100 percent upside down! In this Parents’ Bill of Rights, we find that essentially the government is telling the parents what rights we have, instead of the other way around.

Even the normally, Constitutionally-reliable John Locke Foundation has gone off the rails by supporting N.C. Senate Bill 49. In an article in the February/March issue of the Carolina Journal, (newsprint publication of the John Locke Foundation), a sidebar inset appears entitled: QUOTE: The bill stipulates that every parent has a right to: END QUOTE.

Notice the wording; a government (proposed) law is telling the parents what rights we have. No, stop right there, Big Bro government! We are not granted” rights by government. We are not to be told by government what rights we can have. We already have them all. You (government) need to get back within the boundaries of the Constitution. (The state Constitutions are to be in alignment with the federal Constitution.)

Continuing from the Carolina Journal’s sidebar enumerating that parents have a right to:

  • Direct their child’s physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • Direct how and where their child is educated.
  • Transparency when dealing with their child’s teachers and school.
  • A classroom and school environment that is safe and nurtures their child’s well-being.
  • Be actively engaged in their child’s education.
  • Resources and accountability of school districts, administrators, and teachers.

On a quick read, and without critical thinking processes kicking in, some parents may think this is just fine, but may we awaken you with our response to this enumeration of your rights?

To put it indelicately, the is pure B S!!! (which stands for Babylonian Stuff; what were you thinking?) 😊

We had been compiling more research in this very important area of who controls our children’s education, hoping to soon have the time, and have enough data to persuade our readers.

But before we finished, we were alerted to this analysis by Publius Huldah which appeared March 3, 2023 over at the NewWithViews website. Here are the first two paragraphs with our *emphasis*. QUOTE:

A Massive Transfer of Power Over Children, From Parents to Governments

On February 2 of this year (2023), the North Carolina Senate passed SB 49, which bears the deceptive title of Parents’ Bill of Rights”. It transfers massive open-ended powers over children to the federal and state governments and to the governing body” of the school. The Parents are granted” enumerated rights[1] and every such right is qualified by exceptions which may be carved out at any time by the various levels of governments. This is a profoundly evil piece of work; and if it passes the House, Parents in North Carolina with minor children would be wise to consider leaving the State and taking their children with them.

Civilizations — and Nations — arise on one belief system — and collapse on another. Let us begin by looking at the belief system embraced during our Founding Era respecting the Origin of Rights and the purpose of government. Then we will look at the belief system embraced from the time the first Colonists settled our Country respecting the parent child relation until the rise, during the 1840s, of public education.[2] Then I will show you the belief system respecting Rights” which is being pushed on us by those who seek to strip us of our God given rights. END QUOTE

Publius Huldah gets into the details of the bill whereby she proves her (and our) thesis: that these types of bills are inherently extremely dangerous! Here is the link to the entire essay.

We strongly recommend and urge all citizens to read and study this very important essay. And then, do as we will do shortly.

Bring it to the attention of your national, state, local legislators, and of course, to your school board members (and candidates). Everyone needs to understand the insidious, Trojan-horse nature of this pending usurpation of parents’ rights!


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