Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Today is the 77th birthday of Donald John Trump (DJT). In the Bible, the number seven is associated with completion and perfection. Enjoy a double proportion today and forever, Mr. Trump!

We viewed the aftermath of Pres. Trump’s court appearance in Miami yesterday on Newsmax TV. Watching it a couple hours later on DVR, we skimmed over much of the motorcade coverage after the court appearance.

We stopped skimming, however, when we saw the very warm and enthusiastic welcome by the Cuban and other Latin American ex-patriates who were in the Versailles restaurant in the Little Havana section of Miami.

In that scene, we witnessed a Christian man (presumably a minister) laying hands on DJT, and if we saw and heard it correctly, the minister very audibly closed his prayer …in Jesus’ name we pray.” And the tall fellow next to him seemed to have been nodding in agreement, and saying (at least) an Amen” to the minister’s prayer.

The curious thing was that the tall fellow was wearing a beanie,” aka the yarmulka cap worn by Orthodox Jews. He then prayed over DJT as well. We could not hear his prayer very well at all—it may have been in Spanish, more likely; but it was almost inaudible to us—could have been Hebrew.

In either case, we wondered and then surmised he must have been a Messianic Jew. If so, we celebrate and welcome all persons who have bona fide conversions to faith in the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ (or Yahshua ha Mashiach, if you prefer, or by whatever close transliteration you prefer. We all know to whom we are referring).

Fast forward to the Donald’s” speech at his Bedminster golf course and country club later last night. Incidentally, did you know that the name Donald” derives from the Scottish and Gaelic tongues.

QUOTE: Its roots can be traced back to the Old Gaelic name Domhnall, which means ruler of the world. The name was first recorded in Scotland in the 9th century and quickly became popular among Scottish royalty and aristocracy. END QUOTE Source.

The Wikipedia entry agrees, but a website giving meanings for baby boys’ names, simply says it means proud chief.” If memory serves, we recall that it was Melania’s use of the appellation, the Donald,” which first brought it to public attention.

One of DJTs lawyers, Alina Habba (an Iraqi-born Christian), gave the Newsmax and other reporters a one-word summation of the Donald’s demeanor after the court appearance: defiant.”

That was very evident in his approximately 30-minute speech to supporters and donors gathered outside the Bedminster clubhouse (main building?). If CNN and other Babylonian Media (BM) news outlets were hoping for Trump to appear browbeaten like a bad dog who has just been whacked a couple times with a rolled-up newspaper, they were to be wholly disappointed.

He is a self-described counter-puncher and we saw it on full display last night—and we inwardly cheered him on. His message was not a whiney, wimpy, oh-woe-is-poor-me-type of response. He understands the nature of the conflict in which he, as the point man for all, of us is embroiled.

There are the legal battles in the courtrooms, and then there are the battles in the court of public opinion. In the courtroom, if he were to be found guilty of all 37 counts in the indictment, he could be sentenced to somewhere around 400 years in prison!

So, in his speech, Trump went on the (counter-) attack, in general, against all the forces arrayed against him (and against us, by proxy, to destroy all freedom and Christianity in America, and thereby in the world).

But specifically, in this instance, he attacked the loser, Federal prosecutor named Jack Smith, calling him a thug.” Not to go unnoticed was DJTs calling him out by name and then expressing doubt that it was his real name.

We are sure the Anons who were/are digital warriors” researching the Q posts will soon have a plethora of material (and more questions) about the true biographical facts and background of Mr. Smith (The Matrix, anyone?!).

As Q told all of us who were paying attention from the beginning of their posts, we are in an information war. Yes, there are physical casualties—perhaps millions of them by now or soon, due to the still-unacknowledged-by-the-BM results of Covid and the jabs—but on the surface it is still in the battlefield of information warfare.

Back in J-School” in the early 1970’s (the School of Journalism at the Ohio State University), we were taught by Professor Walt Seifert about the very key role of Public Relations (PR) professionals when it comes to the court of public opinion.

Seifert was the only conservative on the faculty at the J-School (and among the very few of the thousands of faculty at OSU), but he became my favorite as he recommended to me a book called The Left-Leaning Antenna, about the leftist bias of the national news media.

It was my first inkling of what we now call becoming red-pilled, and that book prepared me mentally for the avalanche of red-pill material I accidentally” stumbled across within a year after graduation.

Prof. Seifert had spent a career of 30 years in the private PR field before becoming a professor at Ohio State. So, he knew about the real world, and ridiculed the fantasy world of his ivory-tower-dwelling fellow faculty members. They, in turn, utterly despised him and called him all sorts of lying names: radical kook, right-wing extremist, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, anti-Semite… gosh, those epithets sound familiar.

To him I owe not only my first initiations of awakening” to how the world really works (again, in a reference to The Matrix, hello, Neo!), but he also taught me an extraordinarily efficient filing system which I use to this day.

Moreover, it was his glowing recommendation which resulted in my first job (at a PR Counseling firm in Columbus), at a time when very few of my fellow grads in J-School could find jobs for many months after graduation.

It was Prof. Seifert who first explained the importance of PR in the business world in assisting clients to be able to get out the truth, their side of the story. And even more important, to be pro-active, for as he had hammered home to us, the truth never catches up with the lying accusation.

To see these and other PR principles which we learned back then from Professor Seifert now being hammered in hundreds of Q posts is gratifying. Among them are such Q refrains as Optics is important!” and You’re watching a show!”

Curiously enough, a fellow named Juan O Savin also stresses these very same principles and adds other related Q refrains: Get some popcorn” and Enjoy the show.”

While at the same time, it is made clear by the Q posts and Mr. 107 that this does not imply passivity on our part, doing nothing except merely observing what is going on.

Rather, those are meant to serve as a restraint on those (especially newbies and normies”) who upon learning of our present precarious predicament might be inclined to do stupid things such as unlawful activities, especially activities of a violent nature. Such activities merely play into the hands of the wicked ones.

That would be counterproductive to the plan which is so obviously now well along in its execution by the Donald,” the Q team, and the rest of the white hats. We see now that even DJTs loss in 2020 was part of this brilliant plan.

We have faith in our heavenly Father and in His Plan, but as in the days of Moses, Joseph, David, Daniel, etc. we also believe that He has called for the Donald to play his part in helping to turn our once Christian nation back to Him! May the grace of God bless the Donald with stamina, strength, wisdom, protection, and everything necessary for the fulfillment of His Plan! Amen.

More on the information war later, possibly in tomorrow’s post.


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