More rooms made available

We have been gone over the weekend, teaching at our local” SK Fellowships in Tennessee and Georgia. We learned while driving home this afternoon that GKM was able to persuade the Hilton Garden Inn to open up a new block of 20 rooms, but that block may also be quickly filling up. Here is Steve’s post from yesterday:

QUOTE: We received word from the hotel in Rapid City, SD that another block of 20 rooms has been added to our reservations at $104 per night.

I am quite sure we will need more shortly, because today I heard from many of you, letting me know that you intend to make your reservation soon. So if the hotel again fills up those rooms, we will do what we can to reserve another block of rooms. END QUOTE

The HGI is a small hotel with only 100 guest rooms, so the GKM team is working to find nearby hotels that may also give our attendees a discounted block price. There are several nearby, so don’t despair.

Hopefully, by late tomorrow, GKM will either have yet another block of rooms at the HGI, or have a deal with a neighboring hotel. We shall keep you posted.


August 13, 2023

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