August 18th Rapid City Conference Update

This just in from Dr. Jones:

QUOTE: We (you) filled up the 60 reserved rooms very quickly at the special rate of $104/night. The hotel only has 100 rooms total and they say they cannot afford to give us more at this reduced rate. However, they are allowing another block of 20 rooms for $129/night.

There are other hotels in Rapid City if you prefer.

Reservations: Call 605-791-9000. Tell them you are attending the Feast of Tabernacles conference in October. END QUOTE

From other sources who are involved helping GKM organize the Conference:

The Hilton Garden Inn had no recommendations regarding other hotels. Apparently, the Fairfield Inn offers $52/night, but that is not confirmed by us (SKM), and we would certainly suggest you check out the conditions of the hotel before booking at that seemingly ridiculously low rate. … just saying…

Other hotels close to the HGI which you can search online: AmerInn, Grand Gateway, Best Western, Country Inn and Suites, and Grand Stay.

For further details on the Conference, see our previous blogs hereand here.


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