Juan O Savin at the Open the Heavens—Let God Arise Event in Chicago

QUOTE: This is the PRESENTATION that Juan O Savin did at the OPEN THE HEAVENS- LET GOD ARISE Event from Chicago on AUGUST 19 2023. Meri Crouley announced him during as a very special moment when Juan (who had not been able to appear in South Dakota the first weekend of JUNE) was able to be there.

Meri Crouley gave the lead up to this presentation at the very end of the Event with this ideal that a PORTAL or GATE was opened up over Chicago because of the Great EVIL against Christians that has gone on there with Obama44 and Oprah and others, whose implications have recently taken a severe turn. JUAN IS A GENEROUS and GODLY MAN. He spent all day signing the books that people who had purchased VIP tickets in South Dakota came to the event for free. … Breaking the Eight” Juan talks many times about a Biblical Story where God talks about Fouring the bad guys.. they use the center of the infinity sign” the 8 to access their magik so the Fours are very significant to this time.. we are breaking” their way of doing spells” of easily passing through the PORTAL from the Spiritual to the real world.

We cut off routes of escape.. as we seal” the portal” that they (wizards and warlocks) have used.. we take over a process and as God said.. STOP their abilities..to successfully infiltrate our World.

This is why the vision of a Gate as a marker is so important. Often it is said of the Ceremonies that were meant to enhance” one of their Evil abilities Satan never CREATES he only copies things he has done in the PAST….

…like on 9/11 the Twin Towers” both built on foursquare foundations.. the two fours.. they at 8:32am (8+3+2= 13 1+3=4) ran Planes into the Twin Towers.. then the Pentagon (5 sides death to enemies) and another was to hit the White House but was through the brave Patriots on board by defeating the Pilot who dove the 737 into the Ground in PA Field.

The dates like Feb 4 2004 2x4=8 2x4=8 a broken eight” So it is about the numbers about CEREMONY. CONTROL of the Ethereal World. A GATEWAY.

The Camera Person was told for some reason to not show Juan at all. And this will best be viewed on YouTube with the Close Captioning on. The focus pull and lack of quality starts to bother some people so just listen to this part.. don’t view it. posted on Juan O Savin 107 YT channel and Closed Captions will be up soon. END QUOTE

We watched it on YouTube and agree that it’s a better way to get this information, with the captions on. This video/audio of Juan’s talk is 50:41 long. Here is the link, same as in the preceding paragraph.

For your information, we found the following concerning the Cloud Monument that Juan mentions. What is the Chicago Cloud monument?

Nicknamed”The Bean” for its sleek kidney shape, this Anish Kapoor sculpture is the centerpiece of AT&T Plaza in Millenium Park.

QUOTE: Cloud Gate is British artist Anish Kapoor’s first public outdoor work installed in the United States.

The 110-ton elliptical sculpture is forged of a seamless series of highly polished stainless steel plates, which reflect Chicago’s famous skyline and the clouds above. A 12-foot-high arch provides a gate” to the concave chamber beneath the sculpture, inviting visitors to touch its mirror-like surface and see their image reflected back from a variety of perspectives.

Inspired by liquid mercury, the sculpture is among the largest of its kind in the world, measuring 66-feet long by 33-feet high. Cloud Gate sits upon the AT&T Plaza, which was made possible by a gift from AT&T. END QUOTE from Chicago website here.

Here is the Panel Discussion at this same event. Juan sits with his back to the camera which was recording the live streaming.

(Non-clickable screen shot.)

OPEN THE HEAVENS EVENT in CHICAGO this was the morning PANEL PRESENTATION that JUAN spoke on. This is a great presentation with the FABULOUS FOUR men that are leading the CHARGE AGAINST this Evil Empire and to EMPOWER WE the PEOPLE under GOD.

JUAN WRAPS IT UP WITH the story of Justice and that is our future JUSTICE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. GOD wrote on the Wall You have been weighed in the Balances, And have been found wanting”. JUSTICE in the LAND.

Here is the link. This discussion runs 37:49.


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