James’ Health Update for Tuesday, August 29, 2023

I have been eating minimal amounts of fresh fruits and veggies, and last night I had some vegetable soup. Still no further Attacks of the Gallstone.” (Like a horror movie…) Getting psyched up about getting this thing out of me so I can get back to being about our Father’s business!”

Today, allow me to share with you discernments from a dear friend. He sent these comments to me after reading my blog post of last Friday, August 25th.

QUOTE: James, Read today’s blog re: surgical consult. I will continue to include your prayer requests earnestly before the Father.

Just a thought: if you end up getting surgery…not only do you represent the stone” but also the kingdom” in SKM. Why? Because mountains represent kingdoms in the Bible (I learned that in Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom).

You live in the mountains and… since the stone is cut out of the mountain (aka kingdom) without hands like they would do with laparoscopic surgery…it’s just tools. The gallstone isn’t touched by human hands until after it is cut out and …we know the stone represents Jesus.

He took all our sins/bitterness/gall upon himself… it might be possible that having your gallstone removed might also fit bible prophecy… because you quite literally” represent the mountain from which the stone is cut. So I see Father’s hand in this if He wills to pulverize the stone inside you or have it cut without hands.” The timing of either event may be significant.

OK, I know that doesn’t make your gut feel any better… so I continue to pray that you are protected from more attacks. END QUOTE

For whoever (if anyone) gets a word regarding our friend’s mention of timing, the laparoscopic surgery is slated to commence at 10:12 a.m. Friday, September 1, 2023 (for those of you in Carthagena, Ohio, that’s also written as 9-1-2023, or 9-1-23). Go figure (literally!) 😊


August 29, 2023

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