Juan O Savin—Traitors selling out America—The coming counterpunch

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We made these few bullet point notes while watching Mr. 107 being interviewed by Nino which was posted on September 5.

  • The gate/arch of Baal.
  • ancient and modern Nephilim.
  • Child sacrifice and HRC a witch.
  • The Haiti connection.
  • Podesta, the Clintons and spirit cooking.”
  • Juan seems to come out in agreement with the satanic fatherhood of Cain doctrine. He speaks of the 13 family bloodlines vs. the bloodline of the seed of Adam. What’s at stake? Rulership over the earth!
  • The Baphomet cult and Big Mike” (Michelle)

We take issue with a few of Juan’s statements, but overall we find this to be an informative podcast. Towards the end, Nino devolves into his petulant childishness trying Juan’s patience (and ours), but it is worth listening to the end. It runs about an hour and a half.

Here is the link.

Here are some comments by another person (identity unknown to us) whose grammar is atrocious and we shall not waste time to make corrections. But we do put an occasional explanatory comment in [brackets].

QUOTE: What was one of the biggest memes in the Q Team drops? The 3 [movie] Posters: Guardians of the Pedophiles, Panic in D.C. and FISAGATE. We knew we were watching a movie right? It is one move for them .. and another move for us. This is playing out right now. Juan OH SO PATIENTLY explains this to Nino.

I think we are going to have to take a very deep breath because as Juan explains this is now moving very fast. Things are in play that you can not imagine in new places with new people. But one thing about SATAN he has to PROJECT his next move. But how do you know this?

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You have a Master Chess player in President Trump and right now with 4 indictments and the Pedos being exposed (Sound of Freedom [movie]) …. look at the Theater numbers above the [movie] posters.. 4-5-6 so 5 is Panic in D.C. (we got there a while ago) and 6 is perhaps OBAMA/HILARY/FISA GATE.

Think of a Gate/Portal/ Basphomet Michael Obama, Brennan, Loretta Fuddy, Sabud, the FAKE past, Hilary a Wing Coven Witch, Spirit Cooking, are we there yet? Juan always drops many hints”. Take notes on this one.. it is rare he gets to explain something completely [due to Nino’s immaturity and rudeness]. And if you come out with the same conclusion.. we are on the home stretch, moving into PORT, Watching the movie to the end, OUT OF POPCORN and remember the END isn’t for everyone.

And this drop.. Q Drop 916 10-Mar-2018 1:04:36 PM EST Q !UW.yye1fxo 8ch/qresearch >>613193 We are saving Israel for last. [Emphasis ours—It is very important to remember this admonition from Q. Some, but thankfully not that many, good folks in patriot-land think DJT is a Judas-goat who is fully under the control of the Khazarians. We disagree and are grateful that Q made that statement. We can think of a hundred reasons why the white hats are saving Israel for last.”] Very specific reason not mentioned a single time. Q


May we all be endowed with Holy Spirit discernment!

You can watch the video embedded above or click the link here.


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