Why would hospitals hide children’s medical information from parents?

Is this part of a pedophile perverts’ operation?

Earlier this year, our North Carolina Republican-controlled House and Senate passed legislation barring medical professionals from providing hormone therapy, puberty-blocking drugs and surgical gender-transition procedures to anyone under 18, with limited exceptions.”

We are proud that our own local state reps and state senator were strong in support of that legislation. Not surprisingly, however, our far Leftist NC Governor, Democrat Roy Cooper, vetoed the bill. Thankfully, our Republican supermajorities overrode the Governor’s veto this past August.

Notice how the Associated Press’s Hannah Schoenbaum reported the override. Her bias is obvious in the manner in which the lead sentence is written in her news” story. We emphasize the slanted language. All emphases and comments in [brackets] are ours.

Transgender youth in North Carolina lost access Wednesday to gender-affirming medical treatments after the Republican-led General Assembly overrode the governor’s vetoes of that legislation and other bills touching on gender in sports and LGBTQ+ instruction in the classroom.” APs story is here.

The Left never gives up. In what is apparently an effort to circumvent the common sense law, here is what one major hospital network is doing. It is abominable!

QUOTE: A North Carolina-based hospital network has told parents they’ll no longer be able to view information about prescriptions for their children after they’re over the age of 12.

Starting Nov. 1, 2023, you will no longer be able to access prescription information for children between the ages of 12-17,” states a letter sent to parents and legal guardians by Atrium Health’s CarolinaCARE home-delivery pharmacy.

The letter goes on to state, This change is to protect the privacy of your child’s prescription records. It allows minors to receive prescription medication for sensitive issues as permitted by law, without worrying about how their parents might react.”

CarolinaCARE elaborates in a FAQ regarding the new policy, saying the change prevents parents from viewing their child’s prescriptions for a myriad of health issues.

Up to age 12, parents/legal guardians can fully access all of their child’s prescription information. On the child’s 12th birthday, parental access is automatically blocked and parents will no longer see their child’s prescriptions,” a document on the policy change states.

This may include treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases that must be reported to the state; pregnancy, drug or alcohol abuse; and mental health,” CarolinaCARE states.

The mention of prescriptions for mental health” raises suspicions that parents will intentionally be kept uninformed so doctors can quietly prescribe hormone replacement therapy, puberty blockers, and other gender transition medications to children. END QUOTE

The full article is here.

There are at least 21 other states that have enacted legislation similar to ours in North Carolina. Are there AtriumHealth facilities in your state? Are other hospitals in your state likewise trying to go around your states’ laws, and thereby destroying your parental rights?!

Pray for God’s righteousness to reign supreme in this—just one of the many battles in our second war for independence in America. Make us a God-fearing nation again!


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