Rural Michigan citizens getting informed and involved—and winning!

—Yeah, go Michigan! Yep, that sincere cheer is from a staunch Buckeye football fan, yours truly. Why am I cheering Michigan, or at least the folks in one tiny township there?

Green Charter Township is located approximately 50 miles north of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is far from large metropolitan areas. That fact probably had a lot to do with what recently happened there when the citizens ousted five members of the Township Board in a recall election.

The five were sent packing because of their backing for a huge electric vehicle (EV) battery plant—a $2.3 billion dollar project. Not that the residents of Green Charter Township were against jobs coming to the area.

Rather, it was largely because the proposed EV factory is for a company called Gotion whose parent company is owned 30 percent by Volkswagen, but whose controlling ownership is based in communist China.

Gotion is pronounced as in Goshen, the biblical area in Egypt where the children of Israel resided and were spared the last seven of the ten plagues that fell upon the rest of Egypt. See any connections there, Bible students? Hello…!)

What these citizens have done would be next to impossible (at the present time) in behemoth cities, such as Detroit, and even smaller metro areas such as Ann Arbor and the Lansing-East Lansing complex. All are Dem-controlled.

Ann Arbor is the home of the University of Michigan. Lansing is the state capital and neighboring East Lansing is the home of Michigan State University. Both universities are gigantic academic denizens of Leftists galore—just as my own not-so-alma mater, Ohio State University is.

What a nice spot to see freedom and liberty being incubated as an example for the rest of the nation.

Here is one story from the UKs Daily Mail, and here is another from a local news channel, which reports on the first meeting of the new Township Board one week later.

The lesson here? It seems to us that Christians and patriots will have much better chances of success in restoring liberty on the local level, as long as the local level is not one of the major metro areas or academic sinkholes, such as Ann Arbor, East Lansing and Columbus, Ohio, one of my hometowns, the state capital and the home of the Ohio State University.

Those major metropolises are conquered territory for now, but they will convert when the Kingdom of Heaven begins to fully blossom in America.


November 20, 2023

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