MTG — DC Is Worse Than You Can Imagine, Swamp Runs Deep, Leverage Is Now Shifting

As a regular observer of the work being done by our servants in the House and Senate in Washington, D. C., we can say with certitude that Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the small percentage of our servants there who is striving mightily to adhere to the Constitution and gently nudge others to do the same.

As for those who are clearly on the side of the wicked, she courageously excoriates them and publicly denounces them by name. While we do not agree with every single position she has taken, we can also say with certitude that if a majority of our Representatives were like her, the Congress would be well on the way to being what the Founders wisely intended.

This short video is an interview she did recently with Dave Episode” of the X22 Report. Here is the blurb from Dave’s website. The link follows.

QUOTE: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, famously known as MTG, represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District in Northwest Georgia. MTG has led the effort to impeach Joe Biden, ban the genital mutilation of children, secure our southern border, end the war in Ukraine, and push the Republican Party to put the American people first. Her America First credentials are forged in steel and she’s leveraged her power to drive change in the House GOP. END QUOTE

Here is the link. This video runs only about 21 minutes.


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