Juan O Savin teaches about magnetism and attraction

Let us say it this way: Tom Numbers” is not one of our favorite interviewers. For that reason, we advise skipping ahead to about the 26 minute mark. Even then, some or our readers may find the discussion of magnetism not their cup of tea.

We did, however, find some nuggets we had not known before. We have been into” Sacred Geometry for decades and so this is just a toe in the water on that topic also.

Years ago, we tried some alternative health thing” called Aura Patches, based (supposedly) on helping the body regain health by patching” holes in the electromagnetic fields which permeate and surround our bodies. We were not impressed.

Juan discusses such things herein but does not mention any company’s names, but his explanation of how they (are supposed to) work was one of the reasons we found this interview helpful.

Here is the description by the re-poster called Juan O Savin Presentations,” who, to the best of our knowledge, has no connections personally with Mr. 107.

QUOTE: A very good topic based program with Tom and Juan from the road in this PART ONE. I broke this up for some of the TOPICS that were a bit different then the Questions posed by Tom like Shungite ended up about Magnetism.. but it is something not often discussed by anyone.

Magnets are the forces from the larger process of the understanding of the TORUS Field and the fact each one of us also down to every Cell is involved in this Polarized Magnetism that hold together our Field Theory of the spinning planetary and Galactic movement and the flip” that is in process right now.

This SCIENCE is in it’s infancy right now because it is hard to feel or see. That is why CYMATICS with the metal filings next to a frequency source that is magnetized like a speaker, break into forms of Sacred Geometry. … END QUOTE

We plan to post part 2 tomorrow, and perhaps part three on Monday, depending… We have not heard part 3 yet. Here is the link to part one which runs 53:50, but remember, we warned you to skip over the first 26 minutes.


December 1, 2023

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