December Field Report” from James

Yesterday was our monthly luncheon meeting of the Henderson County Republican Women’s Club, a week early due to the holidays. (See our blog for December 7th Some of our local activities for your edification” regarding my membership in the Women’s Club.)

My activities with this group continues to be a gratifying experience as I have the opportunity to both serve the community (and by extension, our state and nation), and to rewarded with many new friendships.

Even if my role was only to open the meeting as happened yesterday, it still affords me an opportunity to share some biblical nuggets with the attendees, most of whom seem to be devout Christians. It also is continuing ed” for me in gaining practice to give only a teaspoonful and not dump the whole red pill load” on these fine people.

Yesterday, our guest speakers were our NC State Senator Tim Moffitt and two of our NC House of Representatives, Jennifer Balkcom and Jake Johnson, the latter two who each have a portion of our county.

(NC State Rep. Jennifer Balkcom)

Part of my prayer of invocation was: We ask, heavenly Father, that You would anoint the minds and mouths of Tim and Jennifer and Jake as they bring news from the state capitol of the governmental proceedings of which we need to be informed, because the work done in Raleigh does affect us all for good or for evil.”

From my previous meetings hearing their reports, it is clear that young Rep. Jake is well-informed and possibly well along in his red pill understanding.

(NC State Rep. Jake Johnson)

Jennifer, who is my representative in Raleigh, is doing a fine job from our perspective. She readily and humbly admits her rookie” level in Raleigh, consulting with both Tim and Jake, on both the issues and the process of lawmaking. We are blessed in NC that we have a veto-proof majority to overcome the vetoes of our collectivist Democrat Governor, Roy Cooper.

One of Jennifer’s victories for us was a bill she introduced and shepherded through to a law now on the books that boys/men and girls/women are not permitted to play sports other than on the team made up of their birth gender.

Also, all three of them contributed mightily to getting a NC bill passed over Cooper’s veto whereby all voters in NC now must show their identity (Voter ID law) in order to vote.

In regard to voting, my own precinct chair has put together a presentation demonstrating with props and a video just how simple and easy it would be to have one day voting and to be done totally with paper ballots.

No need to even have the ballot-scanning machines. She is traveling the state wherever she is invited to provide the presentation and it is universally well received.

Our State Senator, Tim Moffitt, gave a superb presentation, not only outlining the recent victories for Constitutionalists, but also stressing the need for all of us to be involved in helping to wake up more and more of our friends and neighbors to also be involved.

(NC State Sen. Tim Moffitt)

In my discernment, Tim is not only very sharp as to the wiles of the devil(s)” but is also quite red pilled in understanding just how dire our national situation is at present.

Finally, our newly-elected U. S. Congressional District President/Chair, Michele Woodhouse, who is a real fireball (I would compare her to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, R-GA) gave a rally the troops” finale to the lunch crowd of about a hundred.

Michelle stated when it comes to the Leftists telling us their plans, we should believe them. That’s what they do. They tell us and then they implement it.”

(NC Cong. Dist. 11 Republican Party Chair, Michele Woodhouse)

She then gave evidence that the collectivists realize that our county is probably the strongest republican-conservative-Constitutionalist-dominated county of all 100 counties in North Carolina. As such, they have targeted us for defeat at the very local level and have revealed their strategy—which we won’t take time to detail here.

Of course, it is financed by outside” money (think Soros, Zuckerbucks, etc.) Even radical Leftist Stacy Abrams has set up an office in nearby Asheville.

We are all departed the luncheon highly motivated to not only hold the line” (defense), but to continue to seek to convert more pew sitters” into Christian Constitutional activists who will seek to restore biblical righteousness in our local community and in our state (offense).

We encourage all our readers to go thou and do likewise.”

{Note: As we went to post this blog, we found our search engine unable to connect, so we shall post this blog sans photos and hopefully be able to add them later.}


December 20, 2023

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