Some of our local activities for your edification

For purposes of inspiring all our readers, we wish to share good news from our local activities. (Hint: You can enjoy success also. We encourage you to get involved in your local political affairs. Your descendants yet unborn are counting on you and me to preserve liberty for them such as we have enjoyed in this once God-blessed nation.)

When we moved to Western North Carolina in the late 1980s, we were struck by the beauty of the area and the attractiveness of Asheville. In the decades since, and because good people did not pay attention and get involved locally, radical Leftists (all seven of them) now have a monopoly on City Council.

The Buncombe County Board of Commissioners is pretty much down the drain also, with Leftists outnumbering the so-called moderates” by a 4-3 margin. Hence, we have nicknamed it Trasheville.

While our SKM offices are in Asheville, we have not resided there for a long time. My home is actually in the adjoining county, where, as regular readers know, I have become very active in recent years.

While our county is largely conservative, with God-fearing, salt-of-the-earth type people, the county seat of Hendersonville is showing signs of becoming like Asheville. Hence, bumper stickers are sprouting up on local cars pleading to new residents who are moving out of Trasheville, Don’t Asheville our Henderson County!”

A good friend of mine, Jeff, either started or is very active in a group called Take Back Hendersonville,” and they are activating many of the God-fearing folks” to get involved here before we find ourselves smitten by the communist-socialist-Leftists as happened to our neighbors just to the north. Jeff and I also serve on a local government Board together.

Several years ago I met some neighbors, Frank and Tara, who invited me to their house to meet (now former) Rep. Madison Cawthorne. Soon after, Tara said to me something like, Why don’t you join our Henderson County Republican Women’s Club?”

Because I’m a guy? I jokingly asked.

Tara was then the VP and assured me that they allow men as Associate Members. So I joined. No one asked me for at least a year if I were a registered Republican, which I was not; had always been registered as an Independent or non-affiliated.

Tara is now in her second term as President and some time ago she asked me if I would serve as Chaplain, being responsible to bring the invocation at the beginning of each monthly meeting. I readily agreed.

I also volunteered to serve on the Constitution/Legislation Committee. Jeff, referenced above, is also on that Committee along with another gentleman. We rotate bringing an update” at the monthly meetings.

At the November meeting it was my turn. It occurred to me that rather than bring a report on current legislation, I would use some of the material from my November lecture for the CD Ministry.

I did not know how it would go over, but it was very well received and three of the ladies asked me later if they could get the material, so I sent them the full lecture on CD.

The guest speakers at the November luncheon were our own County Sheriff and the County Sheriff from our neighboring county to the west, Transylvania County.

(President Tara {holding the mic} and Sheriff Griffin. He is not praying but listening to a question from the audience in the Q & A session. But who knows, maybe he was praying!)

I was honored as our Sheriff in his report referenced my talk twice, saying, And as the Doctor just said,…” It is a rewarding experience to get acquainted with all our local officials, to be able to share our (biblical and Constitutional) viewpoints with them, and to help keep them on the right path. Try it! You’ll like it!

For her part, Tara, with justifiable pride, displayed to the audience of (I’m guessing) about 85 ladies and perhaps 15-20 men a Certificate from the National Federation of Republican Women. This was no participation trophy.” It is a very high-level national achievement!

Tara has been telling us we are the best in the 100 counties of NC and are on the national radar as a very effective organization promoting and accomplishing republican (small r”) and Constitutional goals. Due to shadows and glare I asked her to hold it up in the proper light for this photo below.

(Clipped at the top right is the pin which President Tara now is honored to wear.)

P.S. In addition to now registering as a Republican, I also joined the Henderson County Republican Men’s Club. Hopefully, we will have news to report with regard to that group also as the critical year of 2024 is in view. Let’s get to work, shall we?


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