Tucker Carlson interview about massive illegal immigration through the Darien Gap

I just got back to the office and was planning to go online as usual to create and post a blog. Surprise!… no internet service. It’s been intermittent service, so I am going to post this link without having seen it myself, so you will have it in in case my service goes out for the night or longer.

The friend who sent it to me earlier today is a very trusted source, so I have no qualms about posting it sight unseen. So I shall post on my Mighty Network immediately. I will watch it as soon as my internet comes on and seems stably connected.

Here is the link.

And here are our friend’s comments accompanying the link. QUOTE: Hi James,

(name withheld) gave me a Tucker [Carlson] subscription and it has been great!

I am sending you this link to a conversation Tucker has with Bret Weinstein a noted biologist and a past guest of Tuckers.

It is 73 minutes in length and covers a ton of material. Bret doesn’t make any fanciful claims. He is careful to state his hypothesis of what could be happening without being a fear monger.

That being said this video is pretty crazy and enlightening. He gives a great explanation of the Darien Gap, COVID and the jab and how they might be connected. END QUOTE



February 2, 2024

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