Item 1: Mr. 107 discussing the Rothschilds, Sen. McConnell, and much more. Item 2: James (B.) sharing local activities.

Upon the news of the recent death of Jacob Rothschild, James Grundvig begins this interview with Juan O Savin by showing a clip from German television which lists the banks around the globe owned or controlled by the Rothschilds. Some of us were cognizant of that in general, but thanks for the list.

Here are two screen shots of the beginning of the rolling list and the end of the obviously truncated list. Notice the red on the maps increasing nation after nation as the list scrolls on.

The list ends at the L’s in the alphabet, which would explain why the U.S. and Russia are not in red…Unless it’s because Putin was successful—as we read some time ago—that he had booted the Rothschild bank out of Russia… and has Trump already put the Fed under his control? We’d like to believe that, but we don’t expect the BM to tell us about it.

(The narration in German is translated into English for us.)

The interview of Juan, recorded Feb. 29, 2024, then begins immediately with Juan discussing the bloodline families, followed by his discussion of a state representative in Colorado who had just come out of committee hearings and tweeted about the buying and selling of little children for pedophilic purposes!

Here are the comments from the website of Juan O Savin Presentations regarding this interview. We have left in the hyperlinks for those who wish to pursue those lines of information.

We take no responsibility for those, or for the grammar, etc. of this summary—ugh!

QUOTE: Some interesting moments with this Presentation and a new Show for James and Juan. This was significant in a couple of connections that are going on under the Radar” as well as in the headlines. Kal Dani’s BlogSpot What happened on St Valentines Day? Juan always throws in a zinger as well.. with the New Coin that is available at Gumroad right now. Introducing the FLOTUS 1oz 999 Fine Silver Coin (2024 Limited Collectors Edition). FRONT SIDE: FLOTUS - FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES MAGA3 (MAGA QUBED). In this artwork FLOTUS is wearing the MAGA Qubed dress. Is this the hidden semaphore (flag communications) pointing to 2020, It’s Not Over Yet”? Is FLOTUS signaling that it’s still all about 2020?

BACK SIDE: Featuring POTUS as COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE UNITED STATES Behind every Great Man is a great Woman. A Virtuous Woman. Melania Trump is VIRTUOUS and the Semaphore as the Bible calls PROVERBS 31:10-31


Here is the link to Juan on James Grundvig’s podcast. It runs 1:01:55.

With the Super Tuesday results in the books, we now have knowledge of who our local, state, and national candidates will be in the upcoming November elections.

Our county GOP chairman, a friend of ours, put out a summary of our local and state races and we shall share only a few of his comments as being pertinent to our entire national readership. Ellipses, comments within [brackets], and all emphases are ours.

QUOTE: The 2024 primary elections are now complete. …And given the worsening trend that we have witnessed over the past ten or fifteen years with regard to our confidence in how elections are conducted, we should pause to consider that we can still conduct our elections with integrity and complete them in an orderly and timely way.

I would like to thank our state representatives for their hard work to bring back voter ID. … Yes, there is still work to be done. But having voter ID in place is a major milestone in regaining confidence that eligible voters do not have their votes nullified by ineligible or even fraudulent votes.

…I am deeply appreciative of all those members of the Henderson County Republican Party and the affiliated Men’s, Women’s, [We are active in all three.] and Young Republican clubs who have tirelessly worked throughout the year to hold events to keep the electorate informed about their candidates and local politics generally.

Without the many men and women who volunteer their time and resources, we would be left vulnerable to the increasingly hostile and corrupt designs of the Democratic Party.

Lastly, I want to thank all our candidates who exposed themselves to exhausting and often expensive campaigns. It is a frequently thankless journey in which words and actions are often criticized or misrepresented by people who don’t understand the competing demands and statutory limitations that must be navigated. [We can attest to the truth of that from personal experience in the ways that we have served thus far.]

Without good people who are willing to make sacrifices and endure the rigors of campaigns and elected office, we are left with the unscrupulous. So, I thank our candidates, and encourage others to do their civic duty and serve your fellow citizens as candidates in future elections.

Primary Results

…[All omitted by JWB]

Looking Ahead to the General Election

As in most elections each of us has our” candidates that we would like to see win. Emotions for them and against their opponents can be strong. Now that the primaries are over, *we must come together and defeat the Democrats!*

Whatever your feelings toward other Republican candidates, they at minimum are sworn to uphold the Republican platform. Let me remind you of some of the things the Democrats stand for:

  • They actively support an invasion of our nation, along with housing and funding those coming here illegally, all at the expense of U.S. citizens.
  • They are against a parent’s right to determine what their own children are taught in school, including confusing them about biological truths as fundamental as men are men and women are women.
  • They actively encourage even young children to view pornography when they should be learning how to spell, read, add, and multiply.
  • They are for reducing both your personal safety, by electing DAs that refuse to prosecute criminals and by defunding police departments, and your ability to defend yourself and your family by undermining our Second Amendment rights.

[and much more…]

Democrats do not merely disagree with our preferred policies. They hold us and our values in contempt! It is clear from the policies they vigorously pursue, that they are willing — perhaps eager — to do us harm.

This is what we are facing in the General Elections. This is why it is so very important to elect Republicans. Yes, we may not have had our first choice elected this primary season. But our opponent’s agenda of destruction must be stopped! We need everyone’s energy, time, and support to defeat them this November! END QUOTE

Help awaken our fellow citizens! Awaken them, not get them woke.” We give all praise to our Father in heaven for His astounding plan for His kingdom, now coming to birth in a home birth” situation; i.e., in America! Hallelu-Yah!


March 6, 2024

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