Juan O Savin discussing: Where are we now? DRAIN IT!

Several people sent us a link to this recent interview of Juan O Savin. I agree with the comments from one of our correspondents who wrote this:

QUOTE: I just listened to this interview of 107 with James Grundvig on his Unrestricted Warfare podcast. I think he used to be on the Patriot Network or something similar.

While I don’t feel like there’s a lot new [for regular Juan listeners] in this interview, however…(big pause)… however, Juan does say that the black swan event has already started.

It is in its early stages and it’s on its way to the United States from Asia. This is the near-death experience for America that Juan speaks about often. So he is just saying to prepare and get out of the way. It’s coming through. END QUOTE

(Non-clickable screen grab)

I would add that Juan, while discussing the multitude of ways in which the U.S.S. R. was brought down, very casually mentions something which I personally have had on the shelf for decades. I place a lot of credibility in Juan and so the scales are strongly tipping that way now. Can you MN members guess what I’m referring to? I’ll be watching the Comments section.

Here is part of the introductory comments by Juan O Savin Presentations: QUOTE:

James Grundvig with a great set of Questions and Juan in his element. … This is a great update that includes a bit of prodding to develop your local networks. And he is not talking about the INTERNET. You offer yourself your skill your abilities during the coming time. Provide oxygen” for yourself FIRST and then for those around you. Basic COMMON SENSE.

I am always reminded of this time of year coming into Summer to think about planning and planting. Those of us that engage with the natural world are much better off than those on Social Media going after all of the PATRIOTS and saying they aren’t doing enough” or on MSM thinking all is doom and gloom. We are being Emotionally Played. PRAYER REQUIRED, GOD IS AS SERIOUS AS YOU ARE. END QUOTE

Here is the link. Be informed and be prepared, but also, do enjoy this weekend!


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