Fauci and the NIH, and their accomplices in the Babylonian Media (BM) executed an attempted global genocide program

In this brief, but powerful video, we are shown how the scam of the Plandemic was carried out. This mini-documentary focuses on only one (of the many possible, non-vaccine) life-saving treatments for Covid-19—the horse de-wormer,” Ivermectin. (For the record, your editor has himself taken it on three occasions.)

(Non-clickable screenshot of three stooges of the BM)

This is a superb production! Filmmaker, Mr. Mikki Willis, exposes from their own mouths the propaganda campaign of the cabal along with the collusion of all those identified in our headline above.

He then contrasts this with interviews and clips of some of the most highly-credentialed scientists and physicians anywhere on the planet as they explain the career- and life-destroying scam from their perspectives.

This is a potent and compelling video which we do not hesitate in recommending that readers share with all in their circle of influence.

(Non-clickable screenshot)

It is very recent—released a few days ago, and runs only 13:38. Here is the link.


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