The Greatest Show on Earth (2023)

QUOTE: This powerful documentary from Good Lion Films, produced and written by Nick Alvear, shares the Cabal takedown from the 2016 election, to the capitulation tour of President Donald J. Trump, Covid-19, the 2020 election, Joe Biden’s funeral, J6 setup, and how the continuity of government through the current events taking place will usher in the greatest time ever known on earth. END QUOTE

Here is the link to The Greatest Show on Earth (2023).

Last Friday evening (just as I had finished lecture prep for my SKF meetings this past weekend), a close friend of ours, our correspondent in Illinois, sent us a link to this documentary with the note, This one will brighten your day. Best explanation of devolution I’ve heard…You will love it!”

He was correct. It did brighten my day. It is very encouraging. At the outset, Nick Alvear gives credit to Derek Johnson, saying it is based on his work. Readers will recall that we posted some of Derek’s work on August 30th. …on How Trump and the Military Put Together a 7-year plan. The Plan is operational.”

But the writer/producer of this documentary includes much more than using the thesis of Derek’s work. Mr. Alvear also does his version of a thesis that we have considered to be a correct look at Trump’s first four years.

For it was during that time that the Donald made and executed what some refer to as The Capitulation Tour,” while others call it The Submission Tour.”

We had also posted the work of Charlie Freak on August 22, 2022 under our headline on the Mighty Network (MN): Trump’s Takedown of the Cabal—a Freak Show’.” Mr. Alvear does his own version of that without acknowledging any credit to Mr. Freak.

If you are viewing this blog on the MN, you will find a direct link at the top of the blogs as one of our long-time Featured” blogs. It has been featured for a long time because of the importance we place upon its encouraging interpretation of the events since 2017.

If you have not seen Charlie Freak’s take on it, we suggest you take a look. There are many differences—not conflicts or contradictions between the two—but different presentations of what are essentially the same events, from the Arabian sword dance to the President and the First Lady’s visit to the Vatican, to NATO and the EU, to the Queen of Great Britain, to the Far East, and his visits with Kim Jung Un, and with Chairman Xi in the Forbidden City.

This documentary is very well done in terms of technical quality (with one tiny criticism). It is very professional. Our only suggestion is that although the background music brings back many memories, it is a tad too loud and distracts from the narration and dialog.

We shall have some further comments in a separate blog soon—after we see some feedback from our MN viewers.


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