A divine miracle? Ministering angel? I think so!

I am much improved, praise God! A most amazing thing happened yesterday, but I was much too tired to include it yesterday’s blog. Besides, I wanted more time to verify it was going to last.

In yesterday’s report, by the time I ended my quoting of the text I had been sending to some friends, it was early afternoon.

At about 3 p.m., I laid down for some rest. I felt very week. I closed my eyes and began praying silently to the Father for healing of my very sore throat and vocal cords. Remember, I could hardly swallow even a few drops of water. It hurt very much whenever I could not help coughing. Coughing would send a sharp piercing pain into my throat.

I alternated offering Him praises for His mighty works and then ask Him again for healing of my throat and vocal cords. I did that a number of times. Before long, I think I began to drift off into a dream state—but I’m not really sure. I was still asking Him to heal my throat and vocal cords.

Suddenly, I heard” a smiling voice in my mind saying, How’s that? Does that help? At an instant before that voice, I felt something (or I dreamed that I felt something) enter my body at the area of the solar plexus. I am searching for words to describe it.

One way would be to say that it was like a disembodied hand, except I saw no hand; I saw nothing physical. My eyes were closed and so I honestly cannot say if I was in a dream or merely experiencing it in an awake state with my eyes closed.

A second way to describe it would be that it was like an invisible energy movement, as though this energy was like a hand which entered my body just below the area where I had the three incisions (from navel to just below rib cage) for my gall bladder removal on September 1st.

The whole process seemed to take less than one second. It entered and seemed to simply move up my body, cleansing and sending energy as it moved upward. It exited through my face at the mouth/nose area. It was like, whoooosh, and it was done.

As noted above, I immediately heard the voice, How’s that? Does that help? And also at that instant, almost simultaneously with the energetic hand whooooshing up through the midsection of my body, I heard myself vocalizing out loud, ooooooohhhh!

I then opened my eyes, and was asking myself, what just happened? Was I dreaming? In any case, I felt that had enough rest and I wanted to get a blog report done and posted yesterday. By the time I finished the blog, I had been consuming ounces of water and electrolyte fluids, and warm water with honey.

There had suddenly seemed to be no more soreness in my throat and I knew I could speak again! It has not reverted. A couple hours ago, I was able to swallow eight supplements in one gulp. I had chicken broth last night—with a few crackers!

I had a couple eggs scrambled in chicken broth this morning—with toast! It seems that my throat and vocal cords are entirely healed and it was instantaneous with the whoooosh. I am praising Him for all His glorious works and for hearing our prayers!

But I noted immediately in my mind after I realized I was healed, that the words were not, You are healed, because it was only a partial healing. And so, now that coughing does not make my throat hurt, my coughing has increased, and I know that I am now dealing with killing the infection in my lungs.

Last night I had three occasions of awakening to my midsection having drenched my tee shirt and the towels protecting the sheets. So hopefully, that will soon be cleared up as well. (Please continue prayers for that.)

Since returning home, I have had access to my full arsenal/tool bag of healing modalities, from a multitude of Young Living essential oils and diffusing them in my bedroom, to using a nebulizer to breathe H2O2 directly into my lungs, to 3x/day on my BEMER machine in order to increase bodily circulation to release and remove toxins, …and many others, but those three are my main weapons right now to rid my/His temple of toxins.

I wanted to share more, but one miracle per blog is my limit. LOL!!! Won’t that be wonderful when that becomes reality with the coming great move of the Holy Spirit! …that there would be so many miracles happening that we could not have the time to even report them all. God speed that day!


October 18, 2023

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