What to expect in the next 12-15 months—The quadrillion $ threat of the Deep State fraudsters

In this video German lawyer and truther,” Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, interviews Peter Koenig. We have posted one or more interviews with/by Fuellmich previously. He has exposed the Plandemic and was very vocal in his anti-vax stance.

Consequently, this past May a court in Gottingen, Germany found Fuellmich …Guilty and Fined in 3 Cases of Sedition’, Insults’ and Hatred’.” (Our emphases.) Sound familiar? …as in comparison to accusations against a certain former president of the United States?

(Non-clickable screenshot of Peter Koenig.)

From the video website, International Crimes Investigative Committee, we QUOTE:

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. For over 30 years he worked for the World Bank and the WHO as a specialist for water resources and the environment. After his retirement, he compiled his insider knowledge of these organizations in an economic thriller entitled Implosion”, which deals with war, environmental destruction and corporate greed. He is still active as a freelance consultant. END QUOTE

Fuellmich begins by laying out the plans of the cabal to implode the global economy and seems to imply that we need to do something to prevent it. Our first thought is, why?

Why do we want to stop them” from crashing the economy? Let it crash! It is an ungodly money system which is totally out of step with God’s laws on money.

Later however, it becomes clear within his discussion with Peter Koenig that there is no way to reform the global monetary system. It needs to be totally dismantled and replaced. Now we’re talking! Yes, God willing, it will be replaced with God’s economic system, or at least be making progress toward that goal.

Some readers/viewers might find the initial portion of this discussion to be difficult to follow and somewhat boring. It does get better. We encourage all to bear with it because despite the seeming complexity of derivatives, it is as easy to understand as the Federal Reserve System.

We are serious. The fact is that the money system of Mystery Babylon is set forth to the public as though it is so arcane and impossible for the layman to understand that most people simply accept that dictum and go about trying to make a living in a system stacked against us.

The reality is that both the Fed’s (and other central banks’) money system is very simple to understand in its essence. It is a gigantic fraud where money is created out of thin air with private entities (the global cabal families) making a killing, literally and figuratively!

Derivatives are simply more of the same—a gigantic fraud—only a hundred times more fraudulent. Derivatives and some of the other topics in this interview might seem like boring stuff, but this will effect every one of us in a drastic, sudden, and life-changing way! Namely, what will happen to your home, your automobile, and other debt-bearing items in your possession.”

Here are our bullet points of some of the topics discussed:

* The petrodollar, the deal G.H.W. Bush struck with the corrupt Saudi royals

* Derivatives: money out of thin air is bad; derivatives are even worse

* The CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), tool for complete slavery

* reforming the money system is not possible. A totally new system is needed (er-hem!)

* the collapse of Lehman Bros in 2008 was designed as a legal precedent; its importance has been overlooked in terms of the U.C.C. (Uniform Commercial Code) law. It is not a conspiracy theory; it is a conspiracy. Very quietly, the same law (under different names) was set in place in all 50 states and in all nations, Finland and Sweden being the last to have caved to the globalists in this regard.

* how the derivative scam is designed to take everyone’s property which has a mortgage

* the climate change fraud

* the global reset fraud

* the World Economic Forum (WEF) of Klaus Schwab

* Agenda 2030—global depopulation

* the Covid and vax” scam

* the Nazis learned from the Tavistock Institute

* MK Ultra, the CIA

* DARPA, the counterpart to Tavistock, social engineering of whole populations (e.g., Facebook)

* the disastrous roll-out of the CBDC in Nigeria

* closes with an optimistic view of how this dystopian plan by the globalists will not succeed. It will not happen.

The video is linked here and runs 1:28:46.


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