High level trafficking and financial whistleblower shot in D.C.

As I turned on the news late this afternoon, I heard a breaking news story on Newsmax that is very relevant to all who are red pilled. Here is the headline of the story at Newsmax.com.

Ex-Trump Official Critically Wounded in D.C. Carjacking Spree

Here is a link to the story about the victim, Mike Gill. We believe the carjacking spree” was a cover operation.

The Newsmax story does give Gill’s background insofar as his position in the Trump administration. But Newsmax (so far) has said nothing about this possibly being a hit.” We absolutely believe it was. If it turns out that this is not the same Mike Gill whom we think it is, then we will apologize. Why do we believe it was a targeted hit?

Because of the information Mr. Gill had brought forth which we shared with you in our blog dated June 26, 2023. It was an interview of Mr. Gill and Juan O Savin, conducted by Nino. Juan said very little; he listened intently to Gill’s story. Here is the link.

It is all about a gigantic money laundering operation that has been going on for a very long time. It relates to New Hampshire. The corruption is almost mind-boggling—even to a seasoned red pilled observer like me!

Just a few weeks ago, it was in late December when we heard a podcast interview by Michael Jaco of Mike Gill. We chose to not pass it on to our readers because it was so very negative.

Mr. Gill sounded a bit—no, very distressed—about his own safety. He made several predictions which would soon come to pass, and so we just decided to wait and see if they happened.

One was that he himself might be killed because of his revelations of the corruption in New Hampshire, tied to some of the biggest NY banks.

Another prediction, which is the one we decided was no way will that happen,” and therefore we chose not to even mention Mike Gill’s name as we wrote in our blog about passing on a certain interview. That prediction was that Trump would drop out of the race by January 6, 2024!

But now that Gill is clinging to life as of this minute, and could likely end up a murder victim, gives more credence to everything he said. Oh, and in that late December interview he also took some swipes at Juan O Savin, Mike Flynn, and others.

We have since heard Mr. 107 being asked in general about people taking verbal shots” at him (which was clear to me was about Mike Gill’s attacks, although his name was not mentioned), to which 107 was gracious towards (Gill—we assume) and just said something to the effect that we in the MAGA movement (and we would add, in the WWG1WGA movement (Q)— must realize there are going to be differences of opinion, but that we should not tear each other down.

So now, as of this moment, Gill is clinging to life, and the carjacker” was shot and killed by police—how convenient! Our guess: the shooter was a mind-controlled patsy—as expendable as, say, Lee Harvey Oswald.

The D.C. Fox5 news channel included this information.

It was early Tuesday morning when the suspect was fatally shot by New Carrollton police officer after he allegedly moved toward them while armed at an intersection in Lanham.

The suspect has not been identified. Police say he had a minor criminal history in both the District and in Maryland. They also say they believe he suffered from mental health issues. The investigation is ongoing.” [Emphasis mine.]

Imagine that, a shooter with mental health issues! Of course, that fits the pattern of decades of mind-controlled patsies who are programmed to do dirty deeds and are then controlled/programmed to be led to be terminated by a suicide by cop” event, as happened here. To be clear, we do not blame the police in any way.


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