Juan O Savin—Because IT must be SAID

This just in from our trusted correspondent in Georgia. I have not had time to watch it all yet, but will get to it this weekend. I did get past the first five seconds (LOL) so I can assure you that while this is not Nino, we have Scott McKay displaying his rough-around-the-edges vocabulary right out of the gate.

We have seen some of his podcasts in years past but not any recently. Hope you all were enlightened by the Tina Peters interview we posted last night.

QUOTE: Leavin’ on a Jet Plane.. don’t know when I’ll be back again. Juan has it in spades on this show.. very worth watching just because it is really a first for Scott to get Juan by himself. Today the Lawsuits are flying and the answers that Juan gives to Scott basically are like a RED PILL Suppository.

To who.. him yes and also everyone that is a PATRIOT.. that doesn’t understand the depth of the situation.. it ALWAYS take TIME to do SOMETHING RIGHT! This is the best take on those going against TRUMP just for a Single ISSUE. About his Operation Warpspeed. The way that Juan explains his take and his work was right out of the Gate ANTI VAX.

(Non-clickable screen grab)

The other issue is STATES RIGHTS. Be working WHERE YOU LIVE. Where you can MEET OTHERS.. So get to WORK. IT IS YOUR AREA that makes a difference to YOU. And the STEW PETERS question about his ANTI-TRUMP stance. This is so well addressed by Juan because the Reason is to listen and have the HONEST CONVERSATION. Because it must be SAID. END QUOTE

Here is the link to this 44-minute interview.

Have a great weekend and pray for Christian-Israel in America!


March 15, 2024

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