A Tale of Two States, part 3

Okay, we’re busted 😎—because yesterday we titled the blog part 2 of 2.” But since then, we have discovered more good news from the red state of Tennessee which we deem worth sharing, hence, part 3.

Some background first. We have been concerned about—and we suspect that most of our red-pilled readers are well aware of—the activities of big banks and woke” payment processors like PayPal to cancel their customers’ accounts and/or freeze their ability to get their money. Remember how Canadian truckers suffered with this type of persecution by Canadian banks?

We are concerned because we have been following the case of James Staake and his family who own and operate a small business outside Harriman, Tennessee, which specializes in handcrafted American flags and other patriotic merchandise.

(The Staake family; photo from their website.)

PayPal suddenly froze his account with $120,000 and held it for over ten months. We will not give any more details at this point. Suffice it to say, the real reason was because PP did not agree with Staake’s pro-Trump, pro-American, and strongly pro-Christian stands.

Mr. Staake testified before the Tennessee House on February 13, 2024 and was assisted in his struggle with PP by Harmeet Kaur Dhillon, founder and CEO of the Center for American Liberty. Kudos (and prayers) for all of them for taking a stand for righteousness and liberty!

(Harmeet Dhillon photo from Center for American Liberty website)

From the Staake company website:

QUOTE: We are a small family business that Mark Zuckerberg, Tobias Lutke and Dan Schulman all used their weaponized platforms to CANCEL our American Flag making business. They only failed because NEWSMAX & FOX NEWS exposed the dirty tactics these 3 massive Big Techs companies have been using to CANCEL our company and destroy our families American Dream! We could not have made through the 2 years of fighting with Big Tech if it was not for Harmeet Dhillon and the Center for American Liberty who has been fighting for us , so we could focus on doing what we do best, Making American Flags! …

When Big Tech Cancelled our small family business Your American Flag Store”, it set off a chain of events that has backfired on PayPal, Shopify, Facebook and the 3 men who run those companies. Dan Schulman, Tobias Lutke and Mark Zuckerberg don’t know it yet, and are probably not going to like our first 6 episodes so much because 3 of those expose their companies for the ANTI American, Freedom hating bullies that they are!

Episodes 7-12 feature some of our favorite customers and the inspiring story behind their flag. These are amazing stories revolving around God, Family and Country! END QUOTE

Here is a link to their website.

The good news is at least three-fold: (1) They got their money from PP after coming close to bankruptcy, and (2) They discovered a patriotic payment processor (whom we are now checking into to see if it will work for SKM and we will dump PP). The processor is called 2nd Amendment Processing. (Gotta love the name!)

  1. The Staake case may have been instrumental in this very fresh news from Tennessee. Or at least it is related to the same type of communist cancel culture activities being suffered by others.


TN lawmakers approve landmark de-banking bill, send to governor’s desk

Tennessee state senators on Monday passed SB 2148, a first-of-its-kind consumer protection bill that prohibits big banks from canceling customer accounts based on their constitutionally protected speech and religious exercise. Paired with a companion bill that the Tennessee House of Representatives already approved, the legislation now moves to the desk of Gov. Bill Lee.

The bill prohibits the country’s largest banks from engaging in politicized de-banking—denying financial services based on a customer’s religious or political views. The issue is on the rise at America’s largest financial institutions and threatens Americans’ freedom of speech and religion. … END QUOTE

The rest of the story is here at the website for the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Keep it up, you fellow Christian patriots in Tennessee! We hope this inspires action by our readers all over the nation.


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