Chapter 2: We’re in Trouble, Part 3

Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, part 6

first comes the prophet, then the deliverer(s).

In the first chapter of this new series I shared somewhat concerning my own personal experiences back in the late 70s of working full-time for the John Birch Society (JBS) and how we were trying to awaken the American people. I found it difficult to get people to even care to investigate what I and the JBS were telling them about the dangers to our God-given liberties and the blessings which we have enjoyed in this nation.

Readers may recall that I mentioned how the Mormons in particular made such good and hard-working members. Do you know why that is? Because in the writings of one of their prophets or apostles, it was stated that America is heading into perilous times, and that it would come to a point where the Constitution would be hanging by a thread.”

That is what Mormons were taught and probably still are. Hence, it was a religious motivation that impelled many Mormons to become involved in the struggle to save liberty and restore the Constitution.

Now if I may, just a parenthetic comment here about the Mormons—a disclaimer. My intent in discussing the Mormons is not to promote Mormonism. I myself read the Book of Mormon many years ago and it did not resonate as truth with my spirit. As I worked with many of them in the JBS, there was one man in particular who was always trying to persuade me to become a Mormon.

He was a wonderful man named Clyde and I won’t give you his last name—he had been a bomber pilot in WW II, so I am sure he must be passed on by now, but he never gave up trying to convert me to Mormonism. It was only years later that I studied the theology of Mormonism and I have a boatload of biblical reasons to reject it.

But more than that, some historical information came to me concerning a man named Solomon Spalding and his unintentional role in the genesis of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as it is officially known. This came to me through a book called Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon by Cowdrey, Davis and Vanick. We stocked the book for years but no longer do so; however, it can be found through the internet.

The basic facts of the role of Solomon Spalding have dogged the trail of the Mormons almost from its inception, but this book has really brought it all together. I found it extraordinarily compelling. Even though it is 558 pages long, and the last 180 pages consist of appendices and notes, I read every page.

Of course, the Mormon hierarchy have always attempted to deny and dismiss it, but the body of evidence that has accumulated over the years is now making their denials ludicrous, similar to the Roman clergy at the time of Galileo who would not look into his telescope.

In my studied opinion, the Mormon religion does not pass muster, either theologically or historically. So while I have concluded that the Mormon religion is false, I do not condemn the typical Mormon believer. Again, to me, they are like Catholics—many wonderful, God-fearing, Jesus-believing people who truly believe they are in the one and only true religion.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I point you back once again to my statement in the previous chapter about how I was becoming disheartened as I toiled for the John Birch Society. Over those several years, I was increasingly coming to the conclusion that there was no way we were going to stop the onslaught and push for a tyrannical one-world government. Along that path, the people of the United States were being leveled to the economic conditions of a third-world country.

Here now, forty years later, it is obvious to most Americans that something is drastically wrong—which is why many voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016. So there I was, essentially teaching true American history to small groups of interested citizens, and occasionally to a larger audience of maybe a couple hundred interested citizens.

In those days, I used to pray that someday, someone could get on national television and teach the American people our history, the truth about the Founding Fathers, the truth about the Constitution, and the truth of our history, how it has been distorted and twisted by evil men who have crept in unawares.” (Jude 1:4)

Men like Horace Mann in the 1800s, John Dewey, the progressive” socialist, in the early 1900s, and men like William Ayers in our era. Ayers, who once blew up buildings as a co-founder of the violent Marxist terrorist group, Weather Underground,” now says they should have done more bombings!

Now he is a university professor who, among other activities, writes textbooks for teaching teachers, and is a friend and unofficial consultant of former President Obama.

I prayed back in the late 1970s that I would see the day when the truth would be taught, not just to small groups as I was doing, but to the masses on television. My friends, praise God, my prayer of 40 years ago is being answered. I told you I would name names. I now see a man who is doing that work. Yes, I believe that Glenn Beck is one of the prophets sent by God to teach America our history. And he is a Mormon, would you know!

Isn’t that just like our Father, though? He is always coming up with something to surprise us—an answer to prayer sometimes comes from where we would least expect it. Has that ever happened to you? Yep, so God sends a Mormon to do the job. I think part of the reason is to see if we can learn to work with Christian brethren no matter what brand they are wearing, no matter what denominational box they are popping out of.

But I have heard Glenn Beck enough on his radio program and seen enough of his television programs (when he had a daily show on the Fox News network) to conclude that he is my Christian brother. Of course, he does not have perfect doctrine—but then neither do I!

Now before some of you go bananas on me, just think about it. Did you expect that God would send prophets who are without warts, as it were? Perhaps you have been under the impression that the prophets of old were so holy and pious that they never had a flaw or fault in their lives.

If that is the impression you have had, let me help dissuade you of that false notion: think of Hosea who believed that God told him to marry a whore, so he did. And He was right! That was God’s Plan for him, but I am here to tell you, that if you think you know about some rocky marriages, just picture how rocky that one must have been!

Then there is cry-baby” Jeremiah, (one of my favorites) who at first balked because he said he was too young to be a prophet. And of course, we should not forget Moses, who complained that he was not a public speaker. And Jonah, who was so opposed to God’s will that he should go preach to those non-Israelites, the Assyrians of Nineveh so they would repent. Jonah was so dead set against that idea that he took off on a ship in the other direction. And I could go on, but you get the picture.

Glenn Beck frequently reminds his listeners and viewers of his warts, including the fact that he divorced his first wife, and that he hit bottom as an alcoholic.

Now I don’t know if he was raised as a Mormon or simply converted to it after he hit bottom, but as you know, in the Mormon religion, alcoholic beverages are forbidden, so obviously that kind of church family would make his abstinence from alcohol easier for him.

So when I tell you that Glenn Beck is a prophet, it does not mean that he walks on water, only that the work he feels compelled to do fits right in line with God’s word in Isaiah 10 and Judges, chapter 6, which is the main point I have been leading up to: Namely, that first comes the prophet, then the *deliverer**(s). The prophet teaches Israel her history. That is what Glenn Beck is doing. Five days a week, this man reaches millions* with his radio program.

And for five nights a week, when he was on the Fox News Network, he was there for a full hour with his chalkboards and other visual aids, just a self-taught man, who is now America’s true-history professor. And since leaving Fox and starting Glenn Beck TV on the internet, he is putting out even more good material—teaching, teaching, teaching!

So is James Bruggeman becoming a clone of Glenn Beck? No, he is a clone of me from 40 years ago, except he has a national megaphone and I praise God for it. He is teaching what I was teaching 40 years ago, except of course, the names have changed. We have a new generation of insiders-elitists-deep staters-the cabal-Illuminati, etc. who are now at the helm of Mystery Babylon. But the game is still the same. Money, power and control for themselves; slavery for the rest of humanity.

And Glenn Beck gets it… not completely…and not exactly as you or I might see it, but enough to do the job he is called to do. So understand that this is not an unqualified endorsement of everything he says and does.

Because occasionally, I hear him say something or promote some person or their work, something which just makes me cringe. For example, he and I have a very different view on that state in the Middle East which calls itself Israel. But what do you expect? He is a Mormon, and their view about that Israel is about the same as the Baptists, the Methodists, and numerous other Christian denominations.

Glenn Beck had become a famous and prominent talk show host long before his eyes were opened to what is really going on. It has only been in about the last 13 years that his program has changed to become American History 101, Continuing Education for America, as I would call it.

God put Glenn Beck in the pulpit” of the 3rd most-listened-to talk radio program in America and then God opened his eyes and put fire in his heart to plead with the American people to wake up. He even referenced himself as one of the watchmen on the wall” of Ezekiel. Beck is one of the answers to my prayer in the 1970s.

Beck is a funny guy, a true comedian, and that helps to break up the very serious matters he is dealing with. But when he is serious, and of what I have heard of his programs, I would guess that I agree with about 95% of what I hear coming from his lips.

And brothers and sisters, that is way more than enough for me to suggest to you that you encourage sleeping Americans to listen to or watch Glenn Beck. They may not wake up to who true Israel is by watching Beck, but at least they will wake up to the plight we are in as a nation.

I have often heard Beck pleading with his listeners to pray to the God of the Bible, and you must look to God” for deliverance. He used the illustration of Moses putting the serpent on the pole—and he said it’s so simple that many will not do it! Look to God,” Beck says.

You must pray,” he says, and expect miracles…like Moses and the children of Israel at the Red Sea.” …Hel-lo-o-o-o-o-o! There is much, much more that I have heard from him that persuades me this man is a true prophet, a prominent one, but only one of many who are doing the job of teaching Israel her history before God sends the deliverers.

Remember how in my blog, in Chapter 1, dated Feb 12, 2020, I told you about George Orwell in the same context with Ayn Rand and her book, Atlas Shrugged? And how I told you her book was prescient of what we are now experiencing in America?

Well, just a couple nights ago (that would have been in June 2010), on his evening television program, Beck was giving a promo for what he was going to be discussing next week, and he had three pictures on his magnetic blackboard: George Orwell, Ayn Rand and a third person whose name escapes me.

Let me close this chapter with this: First, recall that I closed the first chapter of Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom (MBSK) with a passage from Isaiah 52:1 which began with the commands to true Israel to Awake, awake!”

Well, at the beginning of 2010, Glenn introduced a new theme song for his radio program. It is a powerful melody, and I wondered who wrote the interesting words. I researched it and found out that he did. So listen to these two short lines: He is a prophet. Here are the lyrics: Search for answers everywhere, we will be the key. We must remember who we are; we will be the key.

I am fairly certain that my brother-in-Christ, Glenn Beck, has no idea that he is asking for America to be awakened to who we are, in the way that I understand it; but that when Christian America does awaken; we will be the key to our deliverance because we are also commanded to loose thyself from the bands of thy neck. (Isaiah 52:2) Praise ye the Lord Jesus Christ!

Note: We have been making available for many years (since their publication in 2003-2005) a series of four books concerning our Christian biblical identity as the literal descendants of the so-called lost ten tribes of Israel,” written by Steven M. Collins.

A few years after I had first presented the above blog as part of my series on MBSK, I was stunned and delighted one day when I heard Glenn Beck advertising these same books. I have not heard them promoted in the past couple of years. My supplier, the publisher, Jory Brooks, told me that for a time he could scarcely keep up with the demand generated by Beck’s program.

We shall commence chapter three soon, in which we will revisit the false (left-right) political spectrum and replace it with the truth. Chapter three is called The Spirit of the Lord and Liberty.”

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