Georgia Guidestones—World War III goals etched in granite!

We are at war! I mean that literally. Millions are now awakening to that truth, but millions more are only now beginning to stir. The war is global and therefore it can be accurately labeled World War III, or World War IV, depending upon how one defines it.

Juan O’Savin contends that when the Soviet Union split apart, it was the end of WW III, the Cold War, and thus, he says we are in WW IV. I have great respect for Mr. 107’s very expansive breadth of geopolitical knowledge, but I disagree—only with the nomenclature, the naming, the labeling.

Obviously, if the Cold War is called WW III, it never became hot,” as in a physical, global conflict with millions being killed. The two previous world wars were characterized by military mobilizations of many nations and the conflict raged on many fronts with massive casualties on all sides.

Call it nitpicking, if you wish, but I think the same criteria ought to be applied in labeling WW III, and I will use that moniker for our present global situation. If we (the world) are now in WW III, then many (those still slumbering) will ask, So where is the proof? Where are the casualties?”

That they have to ask such questions demonstrates the level of their slumber and ignorance. I said ignorance, not stupidity. Many highly-educated people are very ignorant in many areas outside their chosen specialty.

At this juncture, this ignorance is becoming life-threatening. This is not hyperbole; it is truth. I have said it before: Ignorance is bliss—until it kills you! Picture an ignorant neophyte in a chemistry lab.

He mixes two normally inert chemicals together and—boom! His ignorance of the explosive nature of the chemicals when mixed together has left him lifeless.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…

Part of my job in teaching the Bible is to educate people on history, ancient and modern, right up to this very day. Otherwise, how can one understand how the Bible has prophesied of these events unless one is knowledgeable of history and current events?

The war in which we are engaged is not between groups of nations, as in the first two world wars. World War III is, first of all, a spiritual war. It is a war between the forces of light and darkness, between the forces of Christ and antichrist, between good and evil.

It is now manifesting in the physical realm as a war between those forces of evil who long ago obtained secret mastery over many nations on the globe. In recent decades, their mastery has expanded to include virtually all nations on the planet.

The Bible refers to this world-ruling entity as Mystery, Babylon the Great. We have presented 69 audio lectures (under the series title, Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom) on the history of that entity/cabal. And we have blogified” about 50 of the 69 lectures to date. Start here.

Biblically and prophetically speaking, we are now at the very end of their reign over the nations of the earth. It is God’s Stone Kingdom” which is in the process of replacing them.

Of course, I am not speaking of this tiny ministry of that name, but of the actual, literal Kingdom of God / Kingdom of heaven / Stone Kingdom upon the earth. That is what this WW III is all about! There are only two sides; pick one. (I am here to give you knowledge so you can make a wise choice; choose life!)

No one can sit on the sidelines and simply watch the battles in this war. You are being forced to choose. How so? Surely, you now know, do you not? That is what Covid-19 is all about!

It is a monstrous propaganda fear campaign to entice you into taking the fake vaccination. …and then booster after booster after booster ad infinitum. The purpose of the fake pandemic was to herd us into getting the injections.

There has already been much revealed about what the true and deadly nature of those shots. We have posted numerous blogs about it with references and links to numerous other sources where you can educate yourself. (And what you can do to save your life if you have already ignorantly taken one or more.)

But today, we are presenting background for even more proof to follow of the nefarious and genocidal nature of the vaccination” program.

The forces of antichrist, the Mystery Babylonians, the cabal will not simply surrender. They are fighting with every evil device they can muster. For them, it is a fight to the death—your death and mine, if they have their way; their death, if they lose. For Christians, it is a fight for life (eonian) in God’s Stone Kingdom upon the earth.

For them, it is no longer about enslaving all the nations of the earth. From their perspective, that is a case of been there, done that.” Many new readers will say, What!? … How’s that… When did they…”

My dear readers, that is why the Bible calls it Mystery, Babylon!” That is why you did not know about it until now. That is why it took 69 lectures to explain it! (And I will no doubt be adding more to it from time to time.)

So if they know their time is coming to an end, that they’ve already been there, done that,” then indeed their goal has now shifted to the most evil and satanic agenda one can imagine: mass genocide of nearly the entire population of the planet. They have etched it in stone!

They can no longer hide their ultimate agenda. They are now saying it openly. But actually, they have revealed their genocidal goal in many disguised ways and in many methods over the years, over the decades, and over the centuries.

In the past couple of centuries, they have called it the New World Order. More recently, the elitist cabal have called it Global 2000.” But then they had to rename it as they failed to achieve all their satanic goals. However, they did make progress.

They renamed it Agenda 21. Again, they made progress, but now it is called Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset.” Do a web search on those terms and see if you like the picture they are painting for the globe.

But today, in this blog, I want to show you what the real goal is. As I said they have etched it in stone—literally! We teach about God’s Stone Kingdom. In so doing, allow me to introduce you to their” stones.

Have you ever heard of the so-called Georgia Guidestones?” I have known of them for several decades but had never visited the site outside Elberton, Georgia, until several months ago.

Our Georgia branch of the Stone Kingdom Fellowship meets monthly in a location just east of Atlanta and over an hour’s drive from Elbert County in northeast Georgia near the South Carolina border.

After observing the Covid-19 fake pandemic—a full-on psychological warfare operation (psy-op) and more—and after witnessing an allegedly large percentage of the American people lining up like sheep to the slaughter for the fake vaccinations, I purposed to get a first-hand look at the site.

To be clear for new readers, just because I use the terms fake pandemic” and fake vaccinations” does not mean that people are not dying. Of course they are. Two of my relatives have been labeled Covid deaths.” I invite new readers to click on the Coronavirus” tag in the Categories” column where you will find the dozens of blogs I have written addressing this topic.

Thus, after our Stone Kingdom Fellowship meeting last August, I detoured from my usual route. Arriving after 4 p.m., I found only a handful of other visitors there. I immediately enlisted a 30-something couple to use my cellphone to take some shots of me in front of the stones to give the viewer an idea of the size of these granite slabs.

Dr. Bruggeman standing in front of the 19.25-foot-high monument to death.

As it turned out, this couple were well along in their red-pill education. We chatted for over an hour. Like myself, they have first become awakened politically to the agenda of the cabal / Illuminati, but at this time, their biblical understanding of Mystery Babylon and God’s plan for our era seems to be totally lacking. I gave them my card but have not heard from them since. I wish them well.

I shall not stretch out this blog with the details of the story of how these stones came to be in this remote location, or the facts about the stones, which are also etched in stone, but I shall include herein, some of the multitude of photos I took on that day to give you those facts.

The purpose of this blog is to focus on the very first guideline” for humanity that these Mystery Babylonians etched in granite for the world to see. The rest of their goals for humanity, you can read for yourself in the various photos which I am including.


Do you understand what that means?! If we use the round number of there being presently about 7 billion people in the world, then what these Mystery Babylonians are proposing is for 13 out of every 14 people to be eliminated for the common good, of course!”

Could that goal somehow be connected with the present global pandemic,” and the mandatory jabs? How mandatory” they remain will be dependent upon how much resistance to the jabs is shown by the people, you and me.

Notice the inscription on the capstone is written in BABYLONIAN cuneiform!

I expect to have more to show you immediately ahead (perhaps tomorrow, we are still vetting the information) which revelations will be like ice water doused in the face for many of those still slumbering. It will cause them to jump bolt upright out of their cocoons. Everyone must awaken; our very lives and our liberties depend upon it.

Mystery Babylon is going down, but you do not have to go down with them. Wake up! Pray! Educate yourself! We’re here to help. God save us all—amen! And He will, because their monument to death, their covenant with death shall be cancelled!

Isaiah 28:18 And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.

Now here are more photos at the Georgia Guidestones which I took in August 2021.

Come March 22, 2022, it will be 42 years since the erection of the cabal stone.” Hmmm… and what does the number 43 imply in biblical numerology?

The agenda of the Mystery Babylonians is printed in 8 languages on the faces of the wing” stones.

I was focusing on the astronomical aperture in the center stone in this shot and did not notice until now how the light of the sun/Son was reflected from my Nikon lens and shining directly upon their chief goal (written in Swahili): genocide! God has them in the spotlight and He is laughing at them!

Notice there are no dates inscribed for the placement or removal of the time capsule. I wonder why. Did they forget? After spending a small fortune for this job, that is inconceivable.

A single cluster of security cameras linked to the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office captures the license plates of all visitors.

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