Sad news: Len Yule

We have just been informed that Len Yule passed away last night. He was 76. The local coroner ruled it a heart attack.

Len and his wife, Barbara, have been longtime friends, and we are sure many readers will remember them from many of ours and/or God’s Kingdom Ministries Bible conferences since at least the late 90s.

Len had told Barbara on Monday that he was feeling a lot of pain in his neck and shoulders, but they attributed it to a pinched nerve,” like we all have experienced from time to time. He also said that although he was not nauseous, that his stomach felt a little off.”

He slept most of yesterday and did not feel up to eating dinner. Barbara asked if wanted to watch a little TV, to which he said yes. Shortly thereafter, he went into a convulsive state and was gone very quickly.

This description comes from his granddaughter, Kaia, with whom I had a phone conversation a short time ago. There will be no funeral service.

Anyone wishing to send condolences (and with a gift if possible), can send it to Barbara Yule, 390 Harvey Bradford Rd., Jena, LA 71342.

Our dear brother, Len, will be greatly missed! Yet, we thank our heavenly Father that we will see him again in the resurrection!



December 21, 2022

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