Our local activities—which have national implications

Note: Although we write here of our own personal experiences and the situation in our own state of North Carolina, it is likely to be instructive to readers no matter in which state you make your home. These types of problems (and victories) are not unique to North Carolina.

Furthermore, this falls into the category of yours truly reporting on how we are personally active locally, not simply sitting at our keyboard and suggesting others do the hard work.

That said, we now report (some of) our latest activity with the goal to encourage you to do as the Leftists have done (and succeeded) as they grab power. The old maxim is true: all politics is local.

The socialist Dems do not go home after an election and do nothing until the next election cycle is just a month or two off, as conservatives have been wont to do (Note: past tense). No, the Lefties go right back to work, organizing locally, and taking power wherever they can get it: on school boards, city and town councils, county commissions, various boards, etc.

If we are not holding office, then we as responsible citizens must attend meetings to be able to hold those we put in office accountable. To do that, we ourselves must be educated as to what our contract with them (our federal, state and local constitutions) actually state, and which they take an oath before God to uphold.

We have written previously of the red wave which actually did materialize in North Carolina. All up and down the ballot—with one major exception, explained below—NC went from blue or trending purple to red.

The NC Supreme Court went from blue to red. Conservatives can now look for Constitutional rulings instead of legislating from the bench,” as the socialist Dems have been doing. At least two of their power grabs have been challenged by our statehouse reps and senators and are now in front of the U. S. Supreme Court.

One has to do with the redrawing of U. S. Congressional District maps, as mandated to occur after every decennial census. It happened in your state also. Here, we have a very Leftist governor, Roy Cooper, who is said to have national aspirations. But he has been held in check somewhat because of our Republican-controlled NC House and Senate.

The recent election increased the margins so that it is now veto-proof in the NC House and nearly veto-proof in the NC Senate. (It got that way due to people at the local level being active in finding and supporting good folks to serve us in Raleigh.)

The socialist Dems-controlled NC Supreme Court had usurped power by declaring our Congressional redistricting illegal” and putting their own lackeys (called Special Masters”) in charge of redrawing the lines. That in itself was an egregious and wholly unconstitutional action.

But, while that was being challenged, this past November’s elections occurred under their court-mandated lines. Thus, one of the few places where we did not have a red wave in NC was in the state’s delegation to the U. S. Congress.

North Carolina should have sent about ten or eleven Republicans to D. C., along with three or four Dems (for a total of 14), but instead it ended up being a 7-7 tie. Three or four more Republican House members in Washington would have been a very important addition to the now slim Republican majority.

We expect the U. S. Supreme Court will rule favorably in finding the NC Supreme Court guilty of an unconstitutional power grab.

We were able to send our former conservative State Sen. Chuck Edwards to Washington to replace the young firebrand, Madison Cawthorn. And our former statehouse Representative, Tim Moffit, has now won Chuck Edwards’ seat as our State Senator.

We have gotten to know both of them. And Tim Moffit’s seat was won by Jennifer Balkcom whom we know and supported. So, a week ago yesterday, we attended her swearing-in ceremony and got to chat with her and a number of other Constitution-minded friends at the reception which followed.

(Our friend, and our new NC Statehouse Representative, Jennifer Balkcom, being sworn into office. Her son holding the Bible. Photo by JWB.)

Then, on last Thursday evening, we attended for a second time, the Executive Committee meeting of our county’s Republican Party. We heard reports from several of our local officials including our county sheriff, whom we do not very well at this point, but again we had the opportunity to chat informally after his keynote” speech.

Finally, another of the major cases before the U. S. Supreme Court that came from NC involves the fact that a few years ago (before the 2020) election, we the citizens of NC had passed a statewide referendum mandating voter-identification at the polls. Again, our very Leftist (at that time) NC Supreme Court usurped power, legislating from the bench, by overriding the will of the people. They nixed voter ID just in time before the 2020 election. Outrageous!

But again, we expect the SCOTUS will find they had no Constitutional right to do so. The question is: how can they be held accountable? One thing is for sure: they never will be held accountable as long as Christians sit on their hands in their pews and do nothing!


January 10, 2023

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