Juan O Savin on the Nixon-Trump Connection and Other Intriguing Facts

This short interview of Juan O Savin by Field McConnell is extraordinary information—mostly historical, concerning Richard Milhous Nixon’s career and after he left the White House.

Why is RMN and the things he was doing behind the scenes important to us today in 2023? Consider this discourse by Juan as a course called Red Pill Continuing Ed, Level 501 (grad school).

For the veteran red-pilled citizens like myself and many of our readers, we may have thought we were pretty well informed on Nixon, such as his being beholden to David Rockefeller…

And then trying to do the right thing for our country which greatly displeased David… and how he was set up to be taken out by Kissinger (Rockefeller’s flunky) via the Watergate scandal… and why Nixon was taken off the chess board in that relatively light manner… as opposed to the violent manner in which JFK was taken off the board in Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

All these things, and many more, we have been aware of. But this short discourse by Juan O Savin with Field McConnell (clipped from a much longer interview) gave this listener reason to pause and exclaim to ourselves, What, what did Mr. 107 just say?!”

For tomorrow’s weekend blogpost, we hope to have time to prepare another and longer podcast on the same and related subjects, which was recorded very recently. This one was from 2018 or 2019 occurred before Field was—we understand—railroaded into prison.

Here is the link. It runs about 14 minutes.


August 17, 2023

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