JUAN O SAVIN-Missed Connections-Dr. Jan Halper-NINO 8 24 2023

We have watched this interview with Juan and Dr. Halper. It’s not that long and worth a listen. Juan uses the term pause,” but as the blog-poster below noticed, Mr. 107 never really circles back to give a thorough explanation.

(Non-clickable screenshot)

QUOTE: Recorded on the Fly with a short 24 min with Juan getting on a connector flight. It makes Nino queezy but he states he likes Commercial Flights. I get claustrophobic just watching. Juan does not ever explain the Pause” so here we go. The Pause as stated by President Trump is the time we had hoped to end white hat operations. This was 2022 and winning the House back (we did) and also the Senate (which we did not).

This PAUSE is the period of time from 2022 to 2024 (two more years) where MORE PEOPLE will come to the Brink” As Dr. Jan put it, the 20% that are hopeless with another 10% that are JUST NOW coming on Board.

Here is a Clip from the Day the Earth Stood Still- It is only on the Brink that People find the WILL TO CHANGE. Only at the Precipice do we EVOLVE.

As a side note THE PAUSE was a short story by Issac Asimov a Science Fiction Writer -one of the Greatest -and one of Juans favorites.

Plot summary Alexander Johannison, a nuclear physicist working at the United States Atomic Energy Commission, is mystified when his Geiger Counter starts failing to detect radioactivity …


The rest of the plot summary and introductory remarks are here, which is also the link to the podcast with Juan and Dr. Halper.


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