GOP House Speaker Candidate Tom Emmer’s ties to George Soros

With Trump-endorsed Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan having failed on three attempts to become House Speaker, nine names are now popping up as potential Speaker candidates on the Republican side. (The Dems remain united in their promotion of Leftist Hakim Jeffries {D-NY} as their candidate.)

One of those Republicans most-often-mentioned since the Jordan failure has been House Majority Whip, Tom Emmer (R-MN). Repaying Emmer’s loyalty as Whip, Kevin McCarthy has now endorsed Emmer for the Speaker post.

However, Trump made it immediately clear that Emmer does not have his endorsement. Just the News reported:

QUOTE: Trump on Friday privately expressed his opposition to supporters. Citing persons familiar with the discussions, the outlet relayed Trump’s concerns that Emmer did not hold a favorable opinion of him, had criticized him for the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, and did not come to his defense amid the multiple criminal indictments he faces. END QUOTE

But could there be more and deeper reasons for Trump’s lack of confidence in Emmer? Such as the fact that Tom Emmer was once a paid-spokesman for a George Soros operation to change the U. S. electoral college? (Comments in [brackets] are mine.)

QUOTE: However, McCarthy failed to mention that Emmer was previously a paid spokesman for leftist billionaire George Soros’ organization The National Popular Vote. [Notice once again how the communist Left always use nice-sounding names to fool the public!]

The National Popular Vote campaign launched in 2006 to support efforts to overhaul the Electoral College by passing laws that commit state electors to the candidate who wins the national popular vote, according to the New York Post.

[Such a change in the Electoral College would be disastrous for our republic. It would be the final nail in the national coffin. Similarly, a century ago, with the passage of the 17th Amendment, state sovereignty was destroyed by wresting control from the state legislatures who previously had elected the state’s two U. S. Senators, and giving that over to direct election by all the voters in a state. Horrendous move!]

About five years after the initiative’s launch, Emmer took a job as one of the group’s paid spokespeople. END QUOTE.

Here is the full article in Slay.

Meanwhile, the Soros empire is showing serious cracks as his Open Society Foundation is undergoing its second restructuring in three years, shuttering numerous offices and laying off more than 40% of employees globally.

Gee, I wonder if behind the scenes, the white hats are succeeding in drying up the Euphrates” (the currency) that has been available to Soros for decades?! Mystery Babylon is falling, is falling! Hallelujah!


October 23, 2023

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