Juan O Savin: BOMBSHELL: Something Big Is Coming”

Excuse me a moment while I vent concerning this headline which is so typical of so many websites. When everything is a BOMBSHELL update (in all CAPS no less), then nothing is. Podcasters, bloggers, etc. have worn out the hyperbole with their constant use. It loses its impact. So, seriously, quit it!🙄

And just for free, here is another grammatical tip for bloggers with my tongue-in-cheek: avoid clichés like the plague! 😊

In this particular podcast, there is nothing that constitutes a bombshell” for those who have been paying attention. Yes, the national near-death experience is still on the horizon, but that would only be a jolting revelation to a complete novice who’s head has been in the sand (via the Babylonian Media) all their lives. Welcome to the red pill world. Otherwise, enough of the BOMBSHELLs” in the headlines, okay?

We have taken note of the comments from our readers on our Mighty Network platform regarding our blog a week ago, November 10th, regarding Roseanne Barr’s crude language at the Trump rally in Hialeah.

She showed off her MAGAdor jacket which depicts Donald Trump as the MAGAdor/matador killing the deep state bull. With intense emotion, she linked it to b.s., saying something like, forget the b.s.; kill the g__ d_____d bull!”

We put the final d” in the omitted word to call it to your attention, so that you make sure to notice Juan’s point concerning exactly what she said.

Gerry of the Gideon’s Army Ministry invited Juan to this conversation to get his take on Roseanne’s colorful language in front of the Hialeah crowd. After letting Mr. 107 have the mic to discourse for a while, screamin’ Gerry”—as we have dubbed him, apparently does not have any vocal volume lower than 110 decibels—finally interrupted to take issue with Juan on Roseanne’s language.

(Screenshot with screamin’ Gerry” in the upper left quadrant)

Juan went on to point out some of Ezekiel’s crude language. In years gone by, we also have noticed Ezekiel’s Hebrew vocabulary in certain chapters. The KJV and almost all other versions clean it up somewhat but the original Hebrew language is quite vivid in the meaning of certain words.

If the various English translators had rendered it as it literally means in the Hebrew, readers would be shocked by what most would consider to be the prophet’s vulgar and shameful language.

I grew up on farm and can assure you that farmers do not call it bovine excrement.

Just as Gerry attested in his testimony to Juan, I, too, had a very foul mouth in my pre-conversion years. When I have confessed that to small groups, many people immediately conclude that you must have learned all that foul language when you were in the military.”

I answer, actually no, I learned most of it while I was in the high school, boarding school of the Catholic seminary! We have a laugh over that, but it was literally true.

Juan does not come on until about the 4 minute mark. Here’s the link. Total length is 1:05:43. It was apparently recorded on 11-15-23.

We shall be interested to hear our readers’ responses to Juan or Gerry or both.


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