Big Pharma’s antidepressants fraud and the semaglutide bioweapon

Two stories today. QUOTE:

Gross Misconduct: The Nail in the Coffin for Antidepressants

By Joseph Mercola | 2/2/2024 | Updated: 2/2/2024

Health Viewpoints

Medical journalist Robert Whitaker unravels a shocking revelation about the claim that antidepressants work for 7 in 10 patients, exposing research misconduct and scientific fraud. Delve into the STAR*D study, the largest antidepressant effectiveness trial, and the intricate details of the fraudulent practices.

Story at a Glance

  • The Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression (STAR*D) study, published in 2006, was the largest and longest-running antidepressant effectiveness trial ever conducted, and, importantly, it used real-world patients.
  • The authors claimed an overall cumulative remission rate of 67 percent; this study has since been used to prop up the idea that antidepressants work in the real world.
  • However, the widely made claim that antidepressants work for nearly 7 in 10 patients in real-world clinical settings is based on scientific misconduct and fraud.
  • In his reanalysis of the STARD study, psychologist Ed Pigott and colleagues showed that, had the study protocol been followed, the cumulative remission rate would have been only 35 percent. Moreover, the STARD report omitted the stay-well rate. Only 3 percent of the 4,041 patients who entered the trial and went into remission were still in remission at the end of their one-year follow-up.
  • Most clinical drug trials have found the effectiveness of antidepressants is on par with placebo, and many studies have debunked the serotonin theory that underpins the use of antidepressants. Meanwhile, large-scale meta-analyses show that physical exercise is the most effective remedy—about 1.5 times more effective than antidepressants—for depression.

According to medical journalist Robert Whitaker, author of Mad in America” and publisher of, the widely made claim that antidepressants work for nearly 7 in 10 real-world patients is based on research misconduct and scientific fraud.

If the major media picks up on this story, they will have the chance to report on what arguably is the worst—and most harmful—scandal in American medical history, he wrote in a Jan. 3, 2024, article.


There would be a multitude of other scandalous contenders for …the worst—and most harmful—scandal in American medical history… The story below would certainly also qualify, as would a myriad of other stories related to the Covid and fake vax biological weapon attack on the world’s population.

Here is the link to the full story above (but which may be behind a paywall, unless you are an Epoch Times subscriber).

The Ozempic bioweapon

We had intended to follow up the Dr. Ardis/Mike Adams story, (which we posted Feb. 20th on our regular website) with the Tucker Carlson interview of Calley Means, but our on-top-of-the story Mighty Network (MN) reader, Kim, already mentioned it in her response.

However, the readers on our regular website would not see the comments on our MN platform, so for their sake, we give the link without our bullet points. Be assured that the minute mark descriptions give very little clue to the astounding revelations made by the former Big Pharma rep, Calley Means.


00:03:10 Govt Money to Soda Companies

00:05:00 Taking Advantage of Americans

00:06:29 Stomach Paralysis

00:14:34 Ozempic for Life

00:22:48 SSRIs for Teens

00:27:34 The Root of Almost Everything: Diabetes

00:33:15 How Pharma Subverts the News Business

These disclosures by Mr. Means are utterly shocking and ought to be shared with friends and relatives to the greatest extent possible.

Here are a couple of our photos of the package inserts—not for patients— but for doctors prescribing Ozempic. Thanks to our source inside Big Pharma who provides us with such documents.

Then, this past weekend we took a walk in a mall and saw this ad board outside a health” store offering the injection of semaglutide, for which Ozempic is the brand name. Ugh! Wake up, people!!

(Photo by James Bruggeman)

Here is the link to Tucker with Calley Means.


February 27, 2024

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