Juan discusses Antarctica, breakaway civilizations, flat earth, the other physics,” and more

First, we offer a few of the dozens of bullet points we made, but we need not put them all here. This should be sufficient.

Regarding breakaway civilizations, Mr. 107 mentions:

*where did the $trillions missing from Pentagon go a day before 9-11? He praises Catherine Austin Fitts for great work auditing hidden federal spending.

* Looking at the secret space program… Mr. 107 gives kudos to Dr. Joseph Farrell—doing amazing work. Of course, our subscribers know that we have not only promoted one or two of his many books (we have read almost all of them), and one DVD of Dr. Farrell many years ago, but we have found his material very cohesive and logical (even if a bit deep in some areas for the novice).

We cited Farrell’s work in our Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom series regarding the international banksters and the origin of the Sicilians and other peoples, as it relates to the tribes of Israel.

* Space aliens is an illusion; it’s not about outer space, it’s about inner space! says Juan O Savin. Again, we have been preaching” that line for over 20 years now in our series From Inner Space to Outer Space, and in our more recent DVDs on the Secret Space Program and the Bible.

* Juan asks rhetorically, What was Putin talking about to Tucker? He was talking about Nazis!

* When we first heard this interview a couple weeks ago, we found several of the comments worth sharing—not that we agree 100% —but that they include clues as to what else Juan discusses and some of my reactions are reiterated by the commenters. I have left the commenters’ anonymous names in order to show you the separation between commenters.

And please note, our Mighty Network is a platform of friends and we shall not allow pseudonyms in the Comments section. Own up to your words—as you all are doing so far; thanks!

Speaking not about you, our readers, but about what we see on other websites… We just wish people would clean up their language, their grammar, their spelling, etc. Yes, we can glean the idea, but fer hevens’sak, R U gonna blaim yer atroshus speling, grammir, ect, on yer publik ejukashun?

Here then is the way that the persons behind Juan O Savin Presentations” describes this interview. (And writer, please see my previous sentence!)


107-Antarctica Stories & Science- JACO 2 12 2024

This goes deeper into the related stories around the contemporary Groups that have become the BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION. The truth is very much a stranger brew. The Way it flows is diversion because none of this is PUBLIC. You can see it for yourself. The TOURS and CRUISES to Antarctica are Available and not expensive for the Experience. Of course Summer will be gone in the Southern Hemisphere soon. And the Sea down there can be rough. As Juan had 22 foot seas and 55 knot winds last night. Good numbers. But a bit much for a Ship of lesser capabilities. Here is the K 129 Glomar Explorer story on 3/11 1968: https://rumble.com/v2hipwk-juan-o-savin-k129-russian-sub-incident-1968-doug-hagmann-show-10-20-2013.html Go along for the Tour and Juan is headed home. And here is the story about SERVING MANKIND: https://www.hagmannpi.com/life-as-an-investigator-is-like-a-box-of-chocolates-updated/ This makes it a very interesting connection. And the person and work that was the Flat Earth program” was: From PSYOP To Mind War: The Psychology Of Victory By Colonel Paul E. Valley (Commander) With Major Michael A. Aquino (PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader) So do a little research PLEASE! https://archive.org/details/from-psyop-to-mind-war-the-psychology-of-victory


Here are a few of the comments regarding this presentation. QUOTE:

Brilliant show. My favorite aspect of Juan when he is more himself and less measured. Glass ceiling” HRC comment has whole new meaning. Glass is silica…is this about silicon life forms? Why hasn’t Killary nor Bill been to Antarctica? Something about the blood? Did she try to break in? Or break somethings out?

It appears she was scheduled for an Antarctica trip as SOS but the Haiti earthquake (was likely manufactured to) happen. Remember the Byrne bribe leverage (if she got out of line). Space alien Blue people”…“Bhagavad vita” and Oppenheimer…Hindu and Tantric gods and goddesses are depicted as Blue. Including Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds. Juan has correlated Shiva with Osiris in past presentations. A statue of Shiva is at CERN. Kali, goddess of Time, the Devourer, the Dark Mother, and consort of Shiva, was depicted in lights on the Empire State Building in 2015.

Some climate change propaganda stunt. Shiva, Kali, and some other Hindu deities have multiple arms, btw. Like Spiders. Karma was translated from Sanskrit in 1700s by Sir Charles Wilkins - working for the East India Company - who also termed the word, Hinduism. A f*cking Brit”? (Coincidentally an unrelated Sir Hubert Wilkins, Antarctica explorer and 1st pilot to fly there, has interesting history..)

Enjoyed the historical evidence Juan shared of Cat People (did he mean Lyrans?) and other pre-Adamic topics. How can there be Cat People but not Blue People or Lizard People? Remember what Diana told us abt the Royals.

Of course, always enjoy learning more about the other physics” or New physics” science…this is getting very Interesting! Regarding Flat Earth Psyop, I’ve presumed the Team Leader ran point, based on the Lavey connection (which, iirc it was Juan who noted it). Or, was the Team Leader running cover for the Commander? Fascinating. Revealing and cool Info; Definitely enjoyed this one and Appreciate Your work very much!

I could listen to Juan for hours. Most knowledgeable person ever.

Time to whoop some breakaway Nazi arse. I did a LightReports investigative piece back in 2016 - using FOIAs I revealed that Obama indeed visited Antarctica in March of 2015.

I’d like Jusn to address William Thompkins testimony that revealed via WWII Naval intel ops embedded in Nazi high tech programs that revealed collaboration between the Nazis and Draco Reptillians. Was that a disinfo campaign? If so what’s the purpose?

Did the Nazis get zero gravity’ tech, displayed against Operation Highjump via research in India/far east (think Indians Jones) or did they get that tech from Draco reptilians?

Remember folks Earth used to be a farm planet for the Draco- dinosaurs were like cattle to them- very big cattle. I’d also like to know about advanced humanoid societies within the Earth. Makes sense to me that a species that lives within a planet as opposed to on the surface, has a much greater opportunity for long term survival/ advancement when compared to surface populations that would naturally be periodically exposed to surface cataclysms such as large asteroid strikes every 100k years or so.

Is the existence of sub- terrainian humanoids all Mia/dis info? If so what would be the purpose of such mis/dis info? Love Juan’s work but don’t agree with his dismissal of the roles ETs have in the past and present play(Ed) in the history of Earth/humanity.

After all considering the vastness of the Universe as well as the age of the Universe (14 billion years) - the probability of intelligent life that could reach Earth is overwhelming IMHO. Exciting times indeed- truth is stranger than fiction! Appreciate the interview gentlemen.

Genesis 6:4 Key words AND AFTERWARDS My bet is the Nephelim giants and Alien / Demonic technology lives in / on / under Antarctica What say you 107?


This interview runs 49:26. Here’s the link.


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