Biden’s SOTU is the GOAT! Our autopsy of his speech

Yesterday morning, (P)resident Bytin took time out from his many days of preparation for his State of the Union (SOTU) speech to make what the Rupert Murdoch family-owned Wall Street Journal called a playful” video.

On the surface, that is what it is, and some Americans may get a chuckle from it, but is there another message being conveyed therein? Here is a link to the WSJ article from which we excerpt the following.

QUOTE: On Thursday morning, President Biden posted a playful video of a call with actors who had played presidents in movies and TV shows, including Morgan Freeman, who played President Beck in Deep Impact.”

Well sir, in my capacity as president, all I had to deal with was a meteor.”

Also joining the call were Bill Pullman (President Whitmore from Independence Day”), Michael Douglas (President Shepherd from the American President”), Geena Davis (President Allen from Commander in Chief”) and Tony Goldman (President Grant from Scandal”).

When I was president. it seemed like every week there was some new crisis I had to face,” said Davis.

Biden interjected: You did a hell of a job!” END QUOTE

We wonder, is this video a hidden comm(-unication) to those of us paying attention, to those who were following the Q posts? A frequent refrain in the posts was, Remember, you’re watching a show!

Was this video created to reassure those of us who believe that our so-called President Biden” is an actor, that he is as much a pretend-President as the other fakers from Hollywood were? We think so. (More likely, it is more than one actor playing the part of the President.)

A few years ago, we had posted a photo of a collage of four different Bidens so readers could see some very noticeable differences among the four, but we cannot now locate that collage photo.

Not to worry, a quick web search did find another place with four Bidens,” but it is not the same collage. Here is the link to that Substack titled Will the real Joe Biden please stand?”

We know why a number of Republican Congress persons wore little badges bearing the name of brutally-murdered nursing student, Laken Riley. We even saw MTG (Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, Republican from north Georgia) have a moment with (P)resident Bydin as he leisurely strolled to the podium.

She said to him, Say her name.” In responding to the challenge, and perhaps in a deliberate flub (and intended poke-in-the-eye to MTG) Bidan pronounced her name as Lincoln Riley.

But why were some Democrat Congress persons wearing little stickers bearing the number 153? Satan has his counterfeits. They attribute their dark and wicked meanings to numbers, often by inverting the truth. Biblically, the number 153 is associated with the sons of God.”

It is the gematrical equivalent of the Hebrew phrase beni ha Elohim.” As Paul said in Romans 8:18-23, we groan while we await the manifestation of the sons of God; i.e., when they, the overcomers, will be resurrected or translated into their incorruptible and immortal bodies in the first resurrection.

In His third appearance (think third prophetic day) to the disciples since His resurrection, in John 21 Jesus instructed them to cast their nets on the right(-eous) side of the boat.

Having caught nothing all night by fishing on the Left, the apostles immediately found their nets full of large fish, 153 of them in all ! Why 153? Why not a round number like 150? Because it’s a sign which we who are alive now can understand. It is a time marker!

It has to do with the year 2000 (beginning of the third day/millennium) and the amazing properties of that number 153. Coincidentally,” I had just been sharing that with a friend in our dance club two weeks ago.

She was intrigued and wanted to know more. I told her I had a friend’s explanation of it. Fortunately, I just located the CD on which we have the recording of Ron Oja’s explanation of that amazing property. It’s on CD #6 of 6 in Ron’s continuous discourse from CD #1 through 6 when he was our guest teacher at our SKF-Georgia in February of 2000.

The six-CD album, God Paints by the Numbers, is available from us for $26 + $7 s & h. Or if you just want the final CD, it is $5 + $7 s & h.

We struggled to not turn off the TV, but as we watched Pres. Buydn’s entire SOTU performance last night, it was all we could do to keep from heading to the bathroom and talking to ralph on the big white phone. This morning in our Bible reading, this verse seemed to be pertinent.

Proverbs 14:7 Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge.

In general, that proverb speaks a warning to lovers of truth to eschew the wicked, the foolish, the scorners, etc. Buyden the scorner was full of anger, vitriol, and spoke lie after lie after lie.

We understand that Trump had announced that he and his team would be fact-checking Bydin in real time on Truth Social. DJT must have needed dozens of assistants to keep up with the fusillade Bitin and the BM were vomiting out via TV and the web last night.

Moreover, we are certain, without even having watched the BM in the post-game show,” that they will hail Bidan’s SOTU performance as ranking right up there with the GOATs (Greatest Of All Time), being comparable in their twisted minds to the orations of Kennedy, Lincoln, Roosevelt, etc. Pun intended: sheep and goats.

Nevertheless, there was an excellent speech last night. It was the response by first-term Alabama Republican Senator Katie Britt. She did in fact knock it out of the park.

Her speechwriters tailored the perfect response to Bydan’s abortion promo and his phony professorial scolding of the Supreme Court justices (seated front and center) for their decision overturning Roe.

Sen. Katie Britt neutralized Bitin’s attempt to make political hay of Alabama’s recently passed law regarding IVF. Her delivery was nearly flawless and she was obviously seeking to connect not only with Americans still possessed of their common sense, but with Christian women in particular.

Sen. Britt did not have to mention religion. Her tiny cross necklace was in plain sight, a sign to believers, but again, as Paul said in 1 Corinthians 1:18, the cross is foolishness to those that perish.

We watched some post-game” comments by the crew at Newsmax TV, but it was almost all focused on the (P)resident’s venomous and acerbic speech. We expect to see Sen. Britt’s star rising rapidly and soon.


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