Juan O Savin: The Way Ahead—Years to Rebuild

We have had an extraordinarily busy week, with little time to view podcasts. But our friend, Texas Pat, sent along these two parts of a June 6 interview of Juan by Nino. Pat makes his recommendation as follows, QUOTE:

Juan does ask again for everyone to read Patrick Byrne’s book Danger Close”. Juan reveals that there is quite important insider-type information in this book. He also challenges you to think about how Patrick could have pulled off this bribery stunt with Hillary.

[We have not heard about the book until now. If any of our Mighty Network readers have read it, we invite you to share your thoughts in the Comments section.]

There are a few tidbits in part A, but I feel like if you only had 1 hour in your day to listen to something, that part B would be more informative. Juan continues to talk about Patrick in the 2nd half but he also talks about the near death experience coming to America in a bit more detail than previously.

As we have heard the Black Swan event [which is a financial crisis] is happening and there is much yet to happen through the summer. He talks about this next 4 years as the time of recovery and rebuilding. This will be Trump’s last election and he will actually preside over the next fair” election.

It’s my opinion that there won’t be an election, as Juan has repeated often, but that Trump’s rallies are actually building support for what he will need to do next, to take the helm without an election and without much dispute. These rallies are one of the best ways, I think, for him to gauge where we the public stand in the rebuilding of America.

There are millions and millions on his side and the time is coming soon when he’ll have to do something that perhaps 6 years ago the American people wouldn’t have stood for in the majority. Trump’s mentioned this in his rallies actually referring to doing something that we will be ready for. END QUOTE

A few nights ago, we stayed up very late to view/listen to both Part B and then Part A, and the previous night watched two other recent 107 videos. We concur with Pat’s recommendation that Part B here has more. Nonetheless, if you want a few (new to us) tidbits… you have the weekend ahead of you. I have no time to make my own comments.

(Non-clickable screen grab.)

Here is the summary material from the Rumble website, Juan O Savin Presentations.

QUOTE: Prepare yourself. This is PART TWO where Juan Lays it on the Line. Yes you will survive YOU HAVE COME THIS FAR. GOD DIDN’T BRING YOU THIS FAR TO ABANDON YOU. A Prayer at the end and LISTEN to the Words. You can do this! We need you. You are important. Do not despair. For in FAITH we become better. For in HARDSHIP we endure. For in PAIN we find GLORY. GOD IS WITH US. END QUOTE

Here is the link to Part B which runs 47:22.

Here is the summary material from the Rumble website, Juan O Savin Presentations for Part A:

QUOTE: One of the best explanations that JUAN has done of a Series of Events that changes the Playing Field… that Patrick Byrne was a part of for over two decades. You can hear the admiration for Patrick of his work from Juan (from the side of a Democrat Operative always MAGA) that had the best for the COUNTRY in his mind. And Patrick survived. THANK GOD!… Juan also goes into the coming Real Estate Market decline and correction. Those considering purchasing property right now better listen to this. And you might sell high but if you have purchase in this market to find a place to live? Not so good. And it sure depends.

Many will want to run to a MAGA State. But nothing will be available! Much of what we see coming DEPENDS on where you live. And some will ease through and others hardship is close at hand. Knowledge is the key. Juan has a few more hints in store for us here in PART ONE. And PART TWO gets even more interesting. END QUOTE

(Non-clickable screen grab.)

Here is the link to Part A which runs 44:22.


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