Civic Activities Report June 25, 2024

I have just returned to my office from our monthly Henderson County Republican Women’s Club luncheon meeting. Men are gladly received as Associate Members, which I have been for several years. I also serve as the co-chaplain (and was recently glad to have a lady co-chairing with me. That frees me up a little bit, and she is a delightful lady).

We had two speakers today, the headliner being our Republican candidate for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction, Michele Morrow. She is very passionate, dynamic, well-informed, and an excellent communicator of biblical values.

(Michele Morrow)

When Trump talks about draining the swamp,” all Americans must realize that the swamp,” i.e., cesspool, is also present in all of our state and many of our local governments as well as the Great Swamp in D. C.

Michele realizes that if DJT is once again in the White House come next January, that upon his abolishing of the federal Department of Education (hurray! It has no Constitutional mandate to begin with), that each state’s Department of Education will also have to drain our respective state bureaucracies. Think long game. It cannot be done overnight and Michele is prepared for that Herculean task.

Here are some of her stands on issues faced by not only North Carolinians, but citizens of all 50 states: (We have edited for brevity. All emphasis and words in [brackets] are by JWB.)

The biggest threat to our Constitutional Republic is the indoctrination happening in our schools today.

Now is the time for a bold and innovative leader who will put forth an exemplary academic program and allow for families to have their voices heard…returning to a foundation of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

We must make our schools the safest buildings in the state and focus our money and classroom time on training our students to be critically thinking, hard working problem solvers.

Education is what lifts communities out of poverty and prepares the leaders of tomorrow, therefore, we must teach our students the truth about history, science and civics.

The progressive” Left has been destroying our country from the inside out for more than 50 years, and they will not give up the reins of control over their first line of attack without a fight.

My opponent will continue to push the DC agenda deeper into our schools and he has five times as much in the bank, and has the support of Planned Parenthood, [ca. $2 million dollar donation], BLM, and the NCAE [NC Association of Educators, affiliated with the NEA], all of which seek to destroy what remains.

Here is a link to Michele’s website.

Prior to Michele’s keynote talk, we heard about 15 minutes from Colleen Miller with the Pavement Education Project. They are an organization of volunteers Informing, engaging, and mobilizing communities for positive change in education.”

It is all about educating parents, and citizens in general about what is actually going on in NC public schools from academic reports on how our students are stacking up academically (terrible) and what books (textbooks and in school libraries) are being made available to kids from pre-K through high school.

Yes, most of us already knew, but this is still shocking. Colleen had a display table at the luncheon and we received her permission to take these photos and put them in our blog. She said they have uncovered literally hundreds of very objectionable books. Here are a handful.

(Note: that’s a boy in the dress.)

(Colleen said this is one of a series of books, comic book style, which are… well, stories of how to do it!!)

(Yeah, these kinds of books are not just found in high school, though that would be atrocious enough!)

And last, and most sickening of all, do you remember Jeffrey Dahmer?

Importantly, and to tell the truth to counter the Left’s talking point that they/we are book-banners,” Colleen’s group states:

PEP is not a book banning effort, but offers parents and citizens an opportunity to see what books are available in NC Schools. It is up to parents and communities to take action.”

Here is the link to their organization.

Incidentally, I was seated at a table with six ladies. We had a fascinating discussion as one of the ladies jumped into red pill subjects quite soon after the prayer and pledge to the flag. Shortly thereafter, another lady jumped in to add to the red pill discussion.

I sensed that one lady was somewhat surprised by the discussion. Another had already used the term red pill;” and so I then entered the chat to ask her if she understood the term, red pill.” She did not, so I explained and added a few more tidbits.

I did not bring it up, but joined in when a third brought up the possibility of Biden not being the real Biden. I would guess that five of the six ladies had some degree of red pill understanding. I offered the newbie” my card and encouraged her to visit my blogs. Hope you read this, my new friend.

One of them, it may have been her, asked about my sources, and I replied I had over three pages of internet sources, but that a good place to start would be X22Report.com and then follow his sources.

That’s our report for today.


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