Exciting News—Mark Your Calendar!

Yes, even though we had a Conference last fall near Mt. Rushmore, we have all been eagerly awaiting another family” reunion—the family” being primarily those from the God’s Kingdom Ministries (GKM) family and those from the Stone Kingdom Ministries family. (And naturally, Steve and I have lots of overlap among our respective family” of supporters.)

This is, of course, not to exclude anyone from attending. All people seeking Truth are welcome. If you are seeking Truth, you may not know it yet, but deep down inside your soul and spirit, you are seeking Him who is the embodiment of Truth. For Jesus said, …I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6)

Dr. Stephen E. Jones (founder of GKM) had asked Brad S. to give me a heads-up phone call last week concerning a possible Bible Conference this fall. Yesterday, I received a call from Steve with a more details.

The gathering is not confirmed at this point because the contract has not been signed, but everything is on track for a Feast of Tabernacles Conference to be held the weekend of October 18, 19, 20, 2024.

The venue is one that our long-time Conference attendees are familiar with, the Doubletree Hotel in Minneapolis. Here is a photo I took back in October, 2014.

(Social gathering area inside the Doubletree Park Place)

DO NOT CONTACT the hotel at this point, because the contract negotiations are just reaching the final stages. We will keep you updated as we get more details. At this point, Steve and his crew hope to have negotiated a room rate of $129/night plus taxes, etc. That’s a very good price as compared to what I have to pay in the Atlanta area for our monthly Stone Kingdom Fellowship meetings.

There is no hurry to make a reservation at this stage and in fact you cannot get a room yet for this Conference—unless you want to pay their regular room rates. Steve is going to have a reserved block of 70 rooms to begin with, and expand the block as reservations warrant.

Confirmed speakers at this point are Steve and myself. (Steve will be contacting others to extend invitations very soon.) He and I have essentially co-sponsored the Conferences for many years, with one of us taking the lead in making all the arrangements, conducting the Conference, and signing the contract and thus also bearing the burden of the costs—which are significant.

Hint: neither Steve nor I like to, and therefore seldom ask for money, so since he is taking the lead on this Conference, I will say it: please do what you can to help. We do not have rich uncles,” and we depend totally on our readers, hearers, viewers to make it happen from the financial standpoint.

The Conference will be live-streamed except (as usual) for my lectures, which I may approve for release later in the Conference. Normally, many of us plan to check in on Thursday afternoon and check out on Monday morning. (The room rate will apply for Thursday night as well.) That allows a wonderful time on both ends of the Conference to catch up with the friends we have made from prior Conferences and to make new friends.

Here is a selfie from someone you may recognize from our past Conferences. This is Kevin O’Connell doing his impression of Trump’s now-iconic mugshot” photo when he was arraigned at the jail in Atlanta.

Kevin and his wife, Julie, have been wonderful helpers to SKM over many years as they have handed the audio recording duties at our (SKM-led) Conferences.

Both have had life-long careers in the radio industry, and Kevin is the magnificent basso profondo voice which introduces all my lectures on CD/DVD. Kevin sent this selfie to me for a private laugh, but has graciously given me permission to use it. He apologized (grinning) that he did not don a blue suit, white shirt, and red necktie a la The Donald” for the occasion.😁

Finally, and to repeat for the sake of those of you in Carthagena, Ohio, DO NOT CONTACT the hotel at this point means DO NOT CONTACT the Doubletree to try to make reservations. 😎 We’ll let you know. For now, just mark your calendar. I am excited about seeing you all again!


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