The Sting Continues—A Rosy Weekend

After watching the debate last night, I stayed up until well after midnight watching the pundits on CNN and Newsmax—switching from one to the other, back and forth.

A seasoned (red pilled) observer, like many in our audience, could tell within a few minutes that this Faux Joe was going to give a disastrous performance. And I use the word performance” as a double entendre because it became more apparent than ever that we are watching a show.

The actor portraying fake Joe should get an Oscar or Academy Award for Best Actor. From the first exchange of Biden’s two minutes and Trump’s one minute rebuttal, we noticed several obvious signs of deterioration: he had that deer-in-the-headlights look, a vacant stare, interspersed with a face full of fear and dread.

His mouth hung open almost the entire evening. His voice was very weak, he raced through some memorized talking points, mumbled, rambled—in other words, he put on a show for the whole nation; indeed, the whole world, finally, exposing the normies to the true physical and mental state of our alleged President.

In doing so, the fake news (Babylonian Media) could no longer cover for him. They have known the truth about his serious incompetence (if not that he is an actor playing a part) for years, but they have covered it up. With this in-your-face performance, they could not make excuses for him—the whole world witnessed it—so they, too, had to pretend to be shocked and dismayed that their beloved” President was in such a fragile mental and physical condition. We are at the tail end of the sting operation that commenced with fake Joe’s fake inauguration.

It is already late in the afternoon as I got the July issue of Feed My Sheep to the printer a couple hours ago, and could now turn attention to this blog. I could go on for many hours detailing the evidence that you are watching a show”—per Q; but that might be unnecessary for many in our audience.

The bottom line is that this is great news, as it shows we are another step closer to more and more disclosures (truth bombs), and showing that the white hats are in control, and the black hats know it, and are now in full panic mode.

So, given that we are coming up on the week when we celebrate our independence, and you may have more time than normal, I have two podcasts to share with you. I had never seen—in fact, was not even aware—that Roseanne Barr had a podcast. We were aware (via Juan O Savin’s remarks) that she had become a rock-solid Trump supporter. So when one of our correspondents sent me a link to Roseanne interviewing Tucker Carlson, I took a look. I like Tucker, and readers know that we have featured one or more of his podcasts since he left Fox News.

This interview is about him, as Roseanne draws him out on his journey to red pilled enlightenment.” (My term.) Frankly, I was surprised that he had never realized before relatively recently just how deep and wide the swamp was.

There are many comments herein we could bullet point” but for lack of time. I will caution listeners of some vulgar language but you’ve heard it also with Mr. 107. I was surprised to hear Tucker’s take on Mike Pompeo vis a vis Julian Assange.

You can listen to the whole thing if you care to, of course, but we would point out that you can skip over their 2-3 minute commercials, and there is about 20 minutes where Tucker tells of his (continuing) addiction to nicotine,” which some of us now know is not to the nicotine, but to the scores/hundreds of other additives that make tobacco addictive. I feel sorry for him. It’s a very powerful addiction.

(Non-clickable screen grab.)

At approximately 1:10:33 in the third commercial break, Roseanne tells about their advertiser, saying, It’s a real Jew selling real gold.” Her son, Jake, chimes in saying (close approximation if not exactly word-for-word): This is what you do when you’re Jews. You sell gold. This is what God has asked us to do and why we’re chosen.” !! And I thought, ye are of your fathers Amalek, Eliphaz and Esau-Edom.” (The Hebrew name Eliphaz means: My god is fine gold.)

Here is the link to Roseanne and Tucker. It runs 1:18:00, and was recorded last November 29th.

I entitled this blog A Rosy Weekend” because we are also including a second Roseanne podcast, which is even longer than the Tucker interview, but well worth plodding through if you are in need of the receipts;” i.e., proofs dug out to substantiate what we and many other in the red pilled community have said for several years—we truly are watching a show!

This is an interview with Derek Johnson who has done a stupendous amount of research to back up the title of this podcast:

Is Trump running a clandestine military operation?

In this interview, Roseanne and her son are relatively quiet as they give free rein to Derek to lay out what he has uncovered in unclassified sources, but which almost no one takes the time to find out. Kudos to him. Here is the blurb from the Barr podcast on Rumble.

QUOTE: Derek Johnson finally joins the Roseanne Barr Podcast to share his wild theory that Trump is STILL running the country under a military operation. Derek is one of the most anticipated and requested guests to date.

Half of you will find this episode profoundly enlightening, and the other half will find it bats**t crazy…. [When I use that figure of speech, I think batcrap crazy” works better because of the alliteration😊] Which half are you? END QUOTE

(Non-clickable screen grab.)

Readers may keep in mind what was revealed in our blog We Are Watching a Movie—Ten Proofs” which we posted about a week ago. This ties in with the military aspects of the Ten Proofs.

Here is the link to the Derek Johnson interview. It runs 2:37:09.

Have a Rosy weekend—and 4th of July! Truly we are approaching our second Independence Day—this time from Mystery Babylon!


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