Did the Supreme Court Just Dispense a Death Blow to a Major Component of the Beast?

Can you think of a handful of humble fishermen who lived about 2,000 years ago, whose work ultimately changed the course of human history? We cannot be sure of how many of the twelve apostles were fishermen but probably from five to seven of them.

Fast forward to last week. While America and the world were distracted by the disastrous performance of Faux Joe at the debate, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) handed down a number of major decisions ahead of the Court’s adjournment until October.

While all decisions of the SCOTUS are important, several of the decisions were extraordinarily important—especially as regarding the present four cases which had been brought against President Trump.

However, perhaps the most important and far-reaching of all the end-of-term decisions by the SCOTUS was the case known as the Chevron decision.

It stems from, and overturns a previous SCOTUS ruling from 1984 which ultimately allowed for the administrative state,” the federal bureaucracy to usurp and wield the powers of all three (supposed to be separate) powers of government: legislative, executive, and judicial.

This is nowhere more apparent than in the IRS (which the red pilled among us already know masquerades as a fully federal agency but is in reality a corporation with headquarters in Puerto Rico). Just tangle once with the IRS and the reality soon sets in.

They have written a gazillion rules and regulations (in effect, laws). If you might have been unaware of just one of them—or none of them and you have the misfortune to become a target—they then employ the executive power to enforce their laws.”

And then they can order you to appear in their tax court” where they adjudicate their own laws,” and guess what your chances are of escaping their clutches unscathed? Zero.

At the very least, they have caused you sleepless nights, lots of lost work time, and perhaps lots of lawyer costs to fight their terrible tyranny.

Now comes a major step in the right direction which could declaw” this beast. And it came from a case brought by a bunch of fishermen!

This comes from SCOTUSblog, an independent news and analysis of rulings of the SCOTUS.

QUOTE: The justices… agreed last year to take up a pair of challenges to a rule issued by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

The agency had required the herring industry to pay for the costs, estimated at $710 per day, associated with carrying observers on board their vessels to collect data about their catches and monitor for overfishing. END QUOTE

One of our correspondents in Texas sent along two brief videos, along with his note as follows:

QUOTE: Hi James, I ran across these 2 videos… They are both less than 10 minutes each.

The first is in regards to the Supreme Court ruling of the Chevron doctrine which I think was in 1984 the Supreme Court ruled that government agencies were responsible for the interpretation of laws. Really? No idea that this was actually a thing.

So really Congress can pass all the laws they like but government agencies actually set the actual use and interpretation of the law. This just neutered government agencies! Good video! Just over 9 minutes. [Here is the link.]

The second video is from Loy Brunson giving us directions on how to send amicus briefs to Congress regarding the criminality of the Fed. This is looking to support Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky in his bill to remove the Fed.

Interesting and another way that I think Loy and others are finding to get info from the people in front of Congress and the courts. Have a great week! Happy 4th and God bless our country and his people! END QUOTE:

Here is the link to the Loy Brunson video. It is just over seven minutes long.

We could be nit-picky concerning what appears to be Loy’s misunderstanding of the nature of the Fed, but he is certainly correct in supporting Rep. Massie’s bill to essentially abolish the Fed.

Sadly, Congressman Massie’s wife, Rhonda, died last Thursday. The cause of death has not been announced. Both she and her husband were engineering graduates of MIT.


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